Thursday, August 24, 2006

Project Runway *Plus* Size

This was a difficult episode to watch. As a *plus* size person on the outside and a person like everyone else on the inside, I felt for all the larger women chosen last. That was very cruel. And the clothes made, yes, one day is not enough time to make a perfect outfit, but a nice fitting and even stylish outfit? Was it too much to ask? Why is Uli the only one who will try a print? I am tired and angry and very sad to see women in plus sizes placed in tent like sacks. Or draped with tunics, scarves or swags of fabric. Were any of the *plus* women smiling???

I was sorry that Robert went home for making exactly what the client wanted. She would have worn the outfit quite often. I can't say that about the other things. Laura keeps making the same things over and over--made very well, but just as boring. Cruise wear is usually flamboyant--- not what you would wear at home. Didn't Laura make the same outfit for her Katherine Hepburn Icon?

Jeffery could have made something young and fresh --lose the collar-- with asymetrical lines for Angela's mom-- he hadn't sewn anything yet-but instead he responded to her comments with his own ENORMOUS insecurities and acted terribly. His own mother should have kicked his ass into the room where Angela's mom was crying and made him apologize (she didn't and that's where he learned it). It's on television. Everyone out there has a mom-- even rock stars. Do they really want to do business with this guy? I don't give a rat's ass whether he was a crack addict or belongs to AA. No sympathy from me.

Now, I'm in a really crappy mood anyway. My car was "fooled" with in the parking lot at work on Monday and the security alarm went off and the battery shut down and the car went into security mode and shut itself down so it couldn't be driven. We had to have it towed twice. And the mechanics have been working on it since Tuesday morning. It's now Thursday, late afternoon. I am so damned pissed. This is going to cost a fortune. They can't get the radio to work. There maybe a problem with the door locks also. And of course, it needed a brand new battery. The kind that goes inside the car, not in the engine. The kind that costs a lot and isn't sold at Wal*Mart. I wish Jeffery was here in my house right now. I'd like to kick his ass around--make me feel better.


Deborah Boschert said...

I agree. It was a bit embarrassing. I can't imagine the courage it must have taken for them to come on the show. Haven't the designers ever watched "What Not to Wear?" Cropped pants? No excuse! And yes, Jeffrey was an ass. I think the designers forget that they are making a tv show. It's not just about the world of high fashion. It's about a challenge -- and drama, of course. I love the assymetrical tunic!

Deborah M. said...

Hi, another Deborah commenting here. I was equally insulted by this episode. Obviously these people have no clue. And it was so obvious that the "thin" women were picked first. The designers were terrifed to design for the full figured ladies -- CLUELESS. Even crazy Vincent said, they're your clients, you've got to design for them. Or words to that affect. I spent th next week thinking about what I would have done. It was insulting, and Tim Gunn or somebody should have said so!