Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Wednesday! Died And Gone To Heaven Day!

It's March and this is Maine! There is no snow on the ground and things are blooming in my yard. I could have gotten a better picture, if I had laid down on the ground--but I won't do that.

I drove with the top down and the sun on my face and the wind blowing through my new and very nice haircut. It's March! It's Maine! I never get to put the top down until late April, and that's a good year. This is a FABULOUS YEAR! It's 60 degrees or more!

I LOVE driving with the top down. I LOVE that car which is almost 8 years old. I LOVE the red nail color on my nails--Kennebunkport. I love TJ Maxx where I found wonderful SOCKS today and two new linen shirts. Beige (at least it's not white) and a pretty blue. Would have been perfect if it had been an aqua blue. And a neat picture of Cherries. Not my usual *Bowl of Cherries* picture but it's real pretty. I also bought some London Cuppa tea bags and they are LOADED with caffeine---can you tell??? I don't usually have any caffeine and the inside of my head is swirling.

I'm going to open windows and air out the house and while it's airing, I'm going to lay down till the caffeine stops swirling. Tomorrow is going to be nice. I'll be driving. See you when it clouds up. I'm SO happy!!!!

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Deborah Boschert said...

Yeah! That's all so delightful. I'm Happy Too!