Saturday, March 04, 2006

.....let's call it Macaroni!

My Macaroni/Bowl quilt is finished. I painted some bleached muslin or maybe PFD--it was just sitting there waiting for me to do something--and then cut it out into an elbow macaroni shape. Click for a bigger image and see the "delightful, hand embroidery" that "enhances" the macaroni-ness of the shape. I had fun making this and have TONS of ideas for more bowl quilts. I can't imagine anyone wanting to buy these--so I guess they will serve to amuse me. For those interested, this is 20 by 22 inches.

Our new Target opened this week. I may have already mentioned it. It's like all anyone can talk about in town. See how boring life could be? I've already been twice. My husband says the only good thing about the Target now being 5 minutes away and not 50 minutes, is that I can return stuff--by myself.

Polka dot sheets. Don't you just LOVE them? I love the colors and the shape of the dots. The sheets were made in Pakistan. All the cotton mills here in Maine are closed. Of course, Mainers want to be paid more than five dollars a week to make cloth.

Deborah always likes a nice "desk shot" to see what I'm really doing all day. I bought these little kid's art frames (Target) for a dollar each (China). They are cardboard wrapped in brown butcher paper. Very clean lines. I had some torn magazine images piled up waiting for me to carry them down to the big Sterlite box where the get sorted ( yah, right). So I trimmed some to fit in the frames. One of them is a photo of my own charming self, toddling around. The tiny white bowl is for tea bag disposal. I'm thinking I need to go get more little frames. Guess where?


kathy said...

Nice finds at your new target...the dots are right up your alley...are the sheets soft?

mary m. said...

I love your macaroni quilt. And it's interesting to see where things are made these days.

Deborah Boschert said...

I adore the frames!

Sarah Ann Smith said...

Oh envy envy....Target is still 75-90 minutes away from me in Camden LOL! And guess where I'm going tomorrow...the Target in Bangor!

I like the idea of a desk / table picture...maybe I'll do some of those too....

Cheers, and cheese for your macaroni!