Thursday, March 23, 2006

Pictures Without Flash!

My morning space. Where I write in my journal, eat my breakfast, read the mail, make collages and this morning learn how to get the camera to take pictures without the flash. Notice the tiny garbage can? My husband brought that home for me. Notice all the piles of stuff? there are more over to the right. Thank goodness I don't have panorama. Notice the journal---almost to the last pages.

Two of my favorite tools on my workroom table. Also no flash. This is such a memorable moment.

See how dark it really is. No bounce back light making the blue all light denim. I got home from the library yesterday feeling like an "old woman". My hip hurt. My head hurt. I was so tired. I climbed into bed and just lay there till I felt more human. Then I got up and made dinner and watched tv and read a book.

Here's orange without a flash. With two auditioning borders and a big white dot. Dot is not staying but I wanted to see what it looked like with a BIG focal point. I'm happier with the color of these pictures.

I am SO happy I don't own, use or want to use WU! What you all are going through with this crappy product is beyond belief. I will stick (ha) with my bottle of white glue.


Deborah Boschert said...

Planets and orange have so much potential. Looking good! Oh... the daffidils! I wonder if the ones I planted are blooming at my (old) house.

Dale Anne Potter said...

Looking forward to seeing what more you do on that piece - looking good!
Ok - first off, where the heck to you get such a big journal?

Melody Johnson said...

Imagine white gluing my new quilt Picante!
Now there's a project.

kathy said...

The more I see the orange piece the more I like it. I really love the stripes in the border. And about your shirts...are they all the same style? And you iron!