Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Art Tour of My House

The framed "Christmas" Turnip ( remember, my husband got that for me for Christmas because he was tired of me painting the red pear). The Red Pear and below the two of them the tropical fruit of some kind. Don't they look nice?

An experiment in framing. This is my favorite tulip--14 inches square. Hard to sell. the potential art buyer doesn't know what to do with a piece of fabric that small. Potholder? Placemat? So, I had my framer mount the piece between two pieces of plexiglas. The wall color shows through as a matt of sorts. The back is clear so details of the quilting are available to the eye of the beholder. The double plexiglas also allows the viewer to see the depth of the quilted fabric. I think next time I'll have the clear *matt* be wider. Not cheap.

The fraternal twin pear watercolors looking very nice indeed even with the flash glare right between them. Below a watercolor, wet in wet, of two apples I did on a ski week vacation when we lived in Europe. Everyone in the family skied but me--and when they came home (to hotel) from the slopes each afternoon--it was into the shower and then a nap before dinner. I painted.

Sorry about the glare on the left side. This is the acrylic of the neighborhood with a McD's in it's midst. I like the way it turned out. There are penciled in details all round the houses and cars which are really quite nice. I painted the walls--a faux treatment.

Two of my wastebasket pieces in Pottery Barn hinged boxes. The boxes have padded backs so I can pin quilted pieces in --enjoy them a while and then change them out. These are in my bedroom. You could also make a collage type thing with photos and three dimensional stuff for holidays and anniversaries. May do that. Wastebasket pieces because I make them from selvages and scraps in my fabric wastebasket under my work table. I really enjoy making something from "waste".

And that concludes today's tour.


Deb R said...

I enjoyed the tour!

Your artwork looks even more lovely now that it's framed.

kathy said...

So nice to see things hanging...and so well done! You have a lot hanging up, I have a lot under the bed.

mary m. said...

Beautiful work. You are very well hung! ;D

Karoda said...

Yes, this tour was nice...I missed it yesterday when I left a comment. I like the plexiglass...have you found that viewers respond better to small pieces that are framed? I laughed at the potholder...thats what my mother asked me when I first showed her a journal size quilt I made me laugh.