Monday, March 20, 2006

I Crossed My Fingers--And It Worked!!!

Another collage exercise from my workshop. We took two postcards and cut them up--I sliced again because I like that effect--and then reassembled. I use this technique with fabric. I lay two pieces right side up and cut and then reassemble. Sometimes I add a third and fourth fabric and cut the opposite way. Makes wonderful backgrounds. Very complicated looking, lots of depth. And it's piecing. Something I try not to do much of.

I went to the sketchbook for help with the Planetary Motion II project. This a a watercolor sketch I made instead of doing my morning journal page. That was hours ago and since then I have pieced a new background and borders from commercial cotton and cut the painted planets out and appliqued them to this new surface. I still have some problems with one border ( doesn't go with everything else) and with the size of the center planet. I also don't know if I want to add the fourth small red starburst planet. Not being able to upload my pictures was so frustrating that I just started cutting and sewing to calm down and maybe that was a good thing?

I have been writing in my journal everyday between 10 am and noon. The writing has been going smoothly and it seems to clear my head for the day. I had read other blogger's comments that the "morning pages" sometimes were mostly whining. I have been lucky in that I have been writing about how to solve problems I have with my work. Just laying out the problem in words, not trying for an answer, has taken away a lot of the pressure I was feeling. I haven't been very productive this month in any medium other than shopping. Books, paints, aluminum tape and journals.

Oddly, the writing of the morning page (only one) in my journal has curtailed my obsessive need (it seems) to post to my blog. Not that I would ever stop posting. I love connecting with people who are so creative, funny and real. But it's not my only method of communicating now. Writing in my journal, doodling or collaging always makes me smile. Reading your blogs can make me LOL. Not bad.

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kathy said...

when I did morning pages, I found it was like a 'clearinghouse' for thoughts and ideas that needed a place to felt good to put things down and then to let them go. you're discipline is enviable.