Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Not So Good Visit

Remember, a few months ago I mentioned painting an Angel for a friend at the library who was retiring? I never got a picture of said angel. It just so happened that SJ didn't like the rustic frame my husband made for the Angel and she returned the painting this week so we could remove the frame. I showed the Angel to the two art quilt ladies who visited yesterday. "A" did NOT like the "brown stuff" painted around the angel. Well. The angel has a drifty, misty look and I think that is how angels should look. The "brown" bits are parts of her wings, wrapped around her. Anyone else what to critique?

This little group of art quilters have been supportive to my work --in the past. One of them "B", the one who likes to try anything---liked the painted fabric. The other, "A" asked "do you plan to show us all of these?"---clearly not even wanting to have seen what I had already shown. "A" also has no fondness for "blogs". The quote marks don't do justice to the tone of her voice when she says "blogs". EEEw!

After all the cleaning and prep work I had done preparing for their visit--I was rather depressed when they left. Not the leaving. That they had been here. "A" made my interest in the blogs seem ridiculous and a waste of time. "A" even suggested that all my recent work had been made specifically to "feed" the blog. That really made me feel terrible.

"A" had recreated my mother's way of putting me down and demeaning everything I did as a child and young adult. No wonder I was depressed.

Today I plan on working on my Macaroni Dish quilt. I want to paint a large elbow macaroni and then cut it out and applique it *hovering* over the bowl on the quilt. Do some seed stitches along the edge. Can you just see "A"'s face when I described this?


Karoda said...

of course this is my own steet wise opinion but it sounds like some tight asses have a jealousy problem and are far from comfortable within their own lives. I hope you get some more open students.

I'm not one to critique your angel because 1) I have no issues with brown and 2) I like the look of the angel.

Debra said...

Personally, I love your piece. To me it looks a madonna (similar to a Lady of Guadalupe). It's charming and wonderful.

I think Ms. A has a stick up her butt. She wants "things" to continue the way they always have because it's comfortable for her. You are evolving.

What to do about this situation is hard... the simple thing would be to limit your exposure to this toxic individual.

Deb R said...

I love the angel, frame and all.

I think "A" needs to be bitch-slapped right on out of your life.

Carol Dean Sharpe said...

Wow, with friends like that . . . The angel is beautiful (actually beatific). Sounds like A might be threatened by how the blog makes you accessible to more than just her small world. And if your work is feeding the blog . . . we're always hungry ... bring it on!

Deborah Boschert said...

Oh that is depressing. I'm sorry. Group dynamics can be so complicated. Is it time to move on? Does the art feed the blog or does the blog feed the art? Who cares? If you are happy making the things you have in the works, that's what counts. Don't stop showing me! I'm so glad you're adding more to the orange bowl... can't wait to see it.

mary m. said...

DebR said it best. LOVE the macaroni idea!

suzee said...

Gosh. That's the kind of thing you'd expect to hear from someone ignorant about art quilting, not someone who DOES it. Sad.

You do beautiful, beautiful work. Inspirational. Keep it up.

kathy said...

These ladies are definitely NOT healthy to be around and need to be dumped fast! Who needs comments like're angel is "angelic", I never noticed the 'brown stuff' because I was too taken with the soft feeling I got from looking at her. Very nice.