Thursday, March 16, 2006

Journal Pages

I made these two tiny paper items last night. I had trimmed edges from pages ripped from a decorating book--nice heavy paper--and then absent-mindedly started folding them. They looked cute so then I wrapped and tied some left over perle cotton around them. I'm thinking of mounting them on some nice old-fashioned fabric with grommets.

These tiny pieces have got me thinking. I am creatively challenged more by waste than by full yardage of any material. I should be collecting my art materials from wastebaskets, dumpsters and trash heaps. Perhaps the recycling truck?

Wednesday Schmensday. Channeling Claudine Hellmuth. This was fun and I changed it around and used a collaged paper dress and drew the head on.

Now this was more fun. I had a copy of the magazine "Lucky" and clipped body-free clothes. These 80's Granny sweaters with the slip dresses and high heel shoes---what a "look"!!! A Granny Hooker. I think I just shipped the last of these ghastly sweaters to Goodwill.

Having worked two days at the library--and had my teeth cleaned---I'm going to just rest and play around with stuff today. Maybe even drive to Target. And Wendy's for a Taco Salad. So that's the plan.

The Cooking Show on Bravo was interesting. Again, we have people who don't seem to be able
to do the task in the show title. On Runway, they couldn't sew. On Top Chef, they don't seem to know how to cook. On Survivor, they don't have survival skills. I'm spotting a "trend".


Deborah Boschert said...

Love your paper bundles. Love your sketches! I think the creative juices are flowing!

mary m. said...

I've always thought the definition of a true artist is one who makes due with what's at hand. Your paper art is very inspiring!

I think the trend you're spotting extends to customer service, or service, of any kind.

Elle said...

I really enjoyed your sketches and you're right, this season's Runway contestants were not as technically skilled as last season's.

Rayna said...

Check those wastebaskets! They do hold treasures and you look as though you know just what to do with 'em.

PaMdora said...

Nice drawings of shoes.