Saturday, March 25, 2006

House Before Heart

"The moments of greatest frustration, signal breakthroughs in learning and seeing. It's important to stay with it--not abandon the work--but to keep pushing through." This is what I am going through and why my posts contain no new art. I am pushing through. It is hard work.

"Also, we have the importance of making a mess in order to do anything well--we must be willing to do it poorly." For a Virgo, who lives a life of "perfection", this is some of the hardest work of all. Doing something poorly. I usually avoid doing anything I have done poorly. Math. The sewing of clothing. Cutting my own hair. Driving.

Today I am "pushing my house through" and cleaning all the floors and bathrooms, turning the mattress, putting on clean sheets and putting away any piles of things I find. Tomorrow,-- my heart.


kathy said...

is this like the pregnant woman who cleans her house from top to bottom before giving birth?!

Deborah Boschert said...

I also suck at math, sewing clothes and cutting hair. I've only gotten better at driving because I had to. Of course, I adore the sketch!

Melody Johnson said...

I for one want to run to my studio and make those flowers just as you have drawn them. I Love the two part tulips.