Friday, March 10, 2006

Reading Out Loud

Been altering photographs with sandpaper and paint (not photoshop) and having fun. I read two of my collage books. Alphabetica was okay but the layers of colors (paint) stamps, glued on stuff was just "too much". Looked like junk. The parts I liked were plainer--just one technique--calmer to the eye. There were some ideas to chase.

Keri Smith's book was fast. There are things I'd like to try. Not much meat on that book, though. That surprised me since her blog is very thought provoking.

Claudine Hellmuth's second book had good instructions for techniques and Claudine is one of those people who write and speak exactly the same. I have listened to her three podcasts and reading the book is like listening to her talk. I wonder if she records them and then has them typed up? Claudine's style is way too easy to copy and I must look away and not be tempted.

Danny Gregory's book will be returned to Amazon. Don't like it and don't want to have it around. That surprised me. I like to read his blog sometimes and expected - I don't know what, but didn't get it.

I made a shopping list after reading the first three books.
----I need to try inkjet printer transparencies to do image transfers.

----Adhesive aluminum duct tape. An old fashioned pattern transfer wheel to make interesting edge treatments on the aluminum tape.

----Sanding block for sanding photographs

----A few ink stamp pads. I have a permanent ink one. So my fingers are permanently inked. I need washable.

----Water-soluable oil pastels. I have chalk and oil (not water-friendly) pastels already and really don't like having to buy one more kind. And I may not. I'm not getting watercolor pencils either.

I guess I also need to start looking for flea markets to get good collage stuff. Old magazines, advertisements, photographs, doll house furniture, small toys.

I have a big bag of maps and travel books, a box of keys, cigar boxes, beads, earrings, a few marbles, some rubber bugs. I also have transisters and other parts from radios and clocks. Lots of wire, washers and stuff in my husband's workroom upstairs. I just have to remember to ask first. We've had "issues".

I am also asking myself if this interest in collage is a side street in Avoidance. I have work to do in fabric. I. Do. Not. Want. To. Do. It. I tried to con myself into doing a little "wastebasket" fabric piece today. Not happening. I did finish a lot of work this winter and shouldn't feel this much pressure. I do need a new quilt for the library and I guess that's what is bothering me. No pictures to show today. Maybe later.

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