Friday, July 23, 2010

Zinnias, Nasturtiums and Little Yellow Dot Flowers

The pedestal planter out front done in yellow flowers. I love the multi colored "swirl" zinnias. The yellow dot flowers are Chrom....... something. A customer described them to me and I happened to see some in the garden place around the corner from where I live and bought them. Thinking I would then remember their name. I had to then buy more yellow things so I could pot it up in the planter. Next year I will have a yellow planter along with the red and blue ones. I find I enjoy the single color families.

I am suffering from a sinus/nasal something. Burning in the back of my nose and now pressure behind my left eye. Been quite a few years since my sinuses acted up. My doctor looked inside my nose yesterday at my annual exam. She said it was red and irritated in there. I am taking a generic Claritin but wouldn't mind something that did make me drowsy. I prefer being asleep when I don't feel good. I am also having a blood test to check my kidneys, Diane.

I have already folded laundry, ironed G's work shirts, eaten breakfast and let the dog in and out. All I have left to do is make my lunch (yogurt and fruit) and sit around until it's time to go to work. I SO want to call out and stay home (like I did last Friday).

We now have Vegetable Chowder, Pulled Pork and veggie burgers in the fridge ready to eat. The only thing left to make is vegetarian lasagna. I could add meat. I think there may be meat somewhere in the freezer. And I have to search all the way back to see if I have a frozen box of spinach for the ricotta layer. That's something I will do tomorrow. Today I am simply purchasing some Kaiser rolls and flour tortillas. G can have pulled pork sandwiches or quesadillas. Or Burritos. I am trying to use what we've got and not buy much. At some point, I hope the fridge starts to look empty?

I have some flyers from the newspaper on my desk. Refrigerators. I was busy measuring and checking to see what will fit. I had wanted the freezer on the bottom but I found a side by side yesterday which might fit (with some sanding of the cabinet trim above) and that would mean an in the door ice dispenser. Haven't had that luxury in 20 years. That's how old my present fridge is. Twenty. Ice in the door or in the drawer???? One thing about a side by side. The shelves are small and I think it's easier to see/find things. I actually have to get down on the floor to look for things in this fridge. How else did I manage to lose a red pepper and a large bag of broccoli? I think there's some watermelon in there also.

My head hurts.

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Diane N said...

I'm glad you're getting checked out and I hope you are perfectly normal.

By the way, my fridge is older than your fridge! Ha ha!