Saturday, July 03, 2010

The Holiday Weekend In Progress

Riley knows how to cool off on hot summer afternoons. Flop on the tile floor on the north side of the house and take a nap. I have been watching World Cup soccer in French (the Canadian station figured out how to mute the sound of those annoying horns but the Americans didn't) while watering the garden. I finally found the rotating sprinkler I purchased last year. And set it up and now I can water anytime. Just turn on the water and go about my business. No bug bites. I have a hot bite on my wrist that is now two days old and a new deer or black fly bite behind my knee.

Work today was horrible. So hot. Like watering plants in a 325 degree oven. By the second hour I had lost the will to continue. I was SO looking forward to my lunch. At home. Because I only had to work a half day. Happy Holidays To Me.

I ate so much lunch that I don't think I should even consider eating anything more today. G just got home. He and Riley are going outside to run around in the shady back yard. Riley will chew his stick. G will look at the garden and pull a few weeds. So many weeds. Ugh.

I now have 6 zucchini out of the garden and I think it's time to refrigerate them. Not enough for pickles and I never make zucchini bread. I could make fritters. Nothing says summer like greasy fried food. The native strawberries lasted 8 days. Maybe 9. And now it's finished. What a bummer. I purchased and ate ONE QUART. The roadside stand wasn't open when I left for work and was closed when I drove past on the way home. Never had a strawberry shortcake.

The boys are back in the house. Got to go.

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Diane N said...

Happy 4th of July to you, Riley and your husband. I hope you have a great day no matter how you spend it.