Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sweet Potato Veggie Burgers

It doesn't matter how clever I try to be, loading the pictures into the file backwards, they come out in the wrong order each and every time. This is my first attempt at a pictured recipe so bear with me as we go backwards through the recipe. Here is the finished product. Frying away, happily, in a non stick pan.

Same patties on their arrival into the pan of hot canola oil. I set the timer for 4 minutes so each side of these quarter pounder sized patties would have enough cooking time. I also shook the pan to see if the patties were sticking to the bottom. I learned this from television cooking shows. Eventually, the patties will move on their own. Wait for it. Trust me on this. We are cooking sweet potatoes and there is a ton of sugar.

Wow, this is difficult. Anyway, this is the waiting area for uncooked burgers. Waxed paper. And these little patties are wet and sticky so use the wax paper to lift and tip the wet patty on to your open palm and then tip into the hot pan. Don't rush. Be calm.

A patty's worth of the mix. In the mixing bowl. I usually fill my hand and then make a ball and then place the ball on the wax paper and tap into a patty shape. Even width across the patty.

Here we are adding dry and wet ingredients to the shredded veggies. I use Egg Beaters in everything. Fewer calories and there isn't any of that creepy albumen stuff and the red specks and all that egg business that makes me very nervous. It's just yellow and very very nice. Remember to shake it well. One fourth cup is one egg.

This isn't on the recipe and probably isn't necessary to successful patties but I like it and put 2 or 3 Tablespoons of the dry mix into my patties.

The onion we will be grating into the bowl with the sweet potato (which you haven't seen yet).

The grated sweet potato (really, I used two). This takes time and since the potato is hard to grate, be careful of your finger tips and knuckles. Stop and rest. I do.

Two peeled sweet potatoes. Waiting to be grated, mixed and fried.

Here's the recipe. In the proper order.

Patty's Sweet Potato Patties. (or burgers)

I egg, slightly beaten
1 carrot, grated (I don't add this)
1 onion, finely minced (I grate it)
1 large sweet potato, peeled and grated (I used two very large potatoes today)
1 cup AP flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
salt and pepper
garlic in any form is optional (grated, minced, powder)

Add everything to the grated veg and squish it around with your hands. It will look like an impossible task but *presto* it comes together into a wet mess. Then divide into similar sized clumps. I made 7 quarter pounder sized patties out of my bowlful. Pick up a clump and make a ball then pat down on the waxed paper. Too big? pick it up, remove some, make a new ball and patty onto the wax paper. Too small? pick it up add some and ball and patty again until you are happy.

Do not try and turn patties if they are not moving when you shake the pan (use handle to go back and forth quickly) Sweet potatoes are sticky and will stick to the turner, the pan, you . They are also very hot.

I keep my cooked patties in a flat storage container with parchment paper or wax paper between each cooled patty in the refrigerator. I warm one up in the microwave, adding a cheese slice for a cheese burger if that is what I want. I serve on a bun with my bread and butter zucchini pickles on top. Onion, bacon, pickles, tomato would all be excellent additions. It's a burger!!! (these can also be frozen (cooked) for burgers anytime)

I have thought about making tiny patties and using them to fill a pita pocket and adding cucumber yogurt sauce for a Greek treat. Some curry powder added to the mix with the dry ingredients would turn this into an Indian patty which would be nice with raita and chutney. (and you could add raisins and cashews to the mix)

I have also considered grating a regular plain potato into the patty mix. Patty, of the recipe's title, added leftover cooked rice and cheese to her patties. Beans? Why not.

This is a very versatile recipe and never lets me down. If I add more potato, I add another 1/4 cup of egg and another 1/2 cup of flour (which is what I did today). Bon Appetite!!!!


Quilterin said...

This sounds wonderfull and I will try it this weekend. Served with a salad those Burgers should make a delicsious lunch (add a glass of cold white wine to it - a meal fit for a king) :-)

sophie said...

They look yummy! I will definitely be trying the recipe soon.

As for that pesky picture problem of yours, did you know that after the photos have loaded, you can highlight them, CUT them, move the cursor when you want to move them and PASTE the image in the right place/order.