Monday, July 26, 2010

Not So Hot!

Last night we had most excellent sleeping weather and today I had a most excellent day at work and so did G. We are both in a very good place today. So I am baking some French Fries.

My back was good today. My lunch was good. The work and customers were good. And the customer from Friday who made us stay late: brought over a note of apology and a bag of gourmet bakery cookies. Which were delicious. I even had to be reminded that it was time to punch out and go home. That hasn't happened in a good long while.

I think Diane is right. I am not as happy as I was this winter when my house was in order, I had time during the day to prepare a proper dinner, I could walk the dog the full 3 miles in sub zero temps and every other weather winter had to throw at us, and I was reading my way through Wallander. A clean house, a good dinner, a good walk and a good book. No wonder I was so bubbly and cheerful--in the dead of winter.

Here it is summer, blue skies and what have I got on my plate? Bug Bites. A weedy garden. Humid Heat. A not so clean house. And a work schedule that is making me tired and cranky. And hungry. We aren't having much in the way of "good dinners" these days. And no art is being made. Not even a doodle. I feel like I may have forgotten how to make art.

I do remember how to save seeds. Nina's Lupine. Patty's Red Poppies. Joanie's Rose Campion. And I am drying my Calandula blossoms so I can make salve.

Last night we had a full moon, and, while Riley was out barking at something, I checked to see where the moonlight falls in my yard and to see if my little moon garden is in the right spot. I think if I had gone out a few hours later the moon may have reached my white flowers. I know, now, that my back stoop is in moonlight most of the night. That would be a most excellent spot for a collection of white flowers. Next year.

G has arranged the most remarkable thing. Nearly four days, in a row, off. Thursday till Monday morning. He will have to do end of the month on July 31 but will get to sleep till he wants to wake up four mornings in a row. Wait until Riley finds out!!!! That dog is going to be HAPPY! Perhaps we should celebrate by having this be a four day "eat out" event. G loves to eat restaurant food. We'll see.

I am now going to check on the baked French Fries. And warm up some ketchup.

Oh, I almost forgot. The library sent an email. They purchased a Jo Nesbo from Amazon UK (used) for the library collection (and ME). Book number 7. Yippee.

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Diane N said...

I'm glad both you and G had such good days. I can hear the improved attitude in every word you wrote.

I vote for eating out every day for four days and I say hurrah for the library getting the book you want to read.

Isn't it just great when you have a day when everything comes together so well?