Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Muggy. Buggy. Sluggy.

Yesterday was a "Blue Sky" day. No clouds. Sun but not too hot. I wasn't drenched in sweat at work. Then it rained. And, this morning it is overcast, foggy, high humidity, no breeze and BUGS. This summer we haven't had much of a break--a breather--. I did sleep better last night; have been sleeping every other night. Which means I'm cranky and crabby every other day. We haven't been eating very well either. I made mushroom pasta for dinner last night. G hadn't had any lunch at work and I had packed a container of melon chunks for my own lunch yesterday. Not enough. I thought I would eat something when I got home from work at 2.30 but there wasn't anything. Oh, there was food, but nothing I wanted to prepare or eat.

I am working up the courage to go into the garden this morning. Bugs. I know I have to check on things and see if I have squash, peas, cucumbers, blueberries that need picking. No tomatoes yet. The daylilies around the garden are blooming. Apricot. They used to be up near the house but I pulled them all out one year, planning to toss them. G planted them around the garden fence. I think I would like another color. I have a morning glory and a white cosmos flat to plant in the ground. Today was the day I was going to do that. Bugs. Bug bites. Itching.

I went out and picked peas, two zukes, three cucumbers and a half cup of blueberries. I have two new mosquito bites. My newer squash plants are producing small, baby squash and the four older (not by much) plants are only producing male flowers this week. I packed my lunch and a jar of iced tea and a freezer bag of ice cubes. I'm dressed for work but not enthused. Riley is wanting to leave for doggie day care as he has roamed the yard and done everything interesting already and he's hot. Day care is air conditioned. (11.18)

I watched television last night. AMC has a Mad Men marathon leading up to the new season of Mad Men on July 25th. The Closer is back. Rizzoli & Isles had it's premier. I don't read Tess Gerritson. And this show won't be changing that. White Collar and Covert Affairs are on tonight. I love cable tv. They have good stuff on in the summer while the networks have their thumbs up their butts. I do watch Wipeout. But no more Big Brother for me. No more Reality shows for me. It disturbs me to see stupid people get all this attention.

One of our local schools had poor math test scores for the second year and the No Child Left Behind rule has kicked in and we are getting a 50K "Consultant" to tell the school teachers where they are missing the boat. 50K is how they "fix" the problem. The Teacher's Union is the problem. The time for unions has come and gone. We need more of an "open market" concept in today's schools, fresher, younger teachers. 30 year veterans protected by the unions are tired, bored and just coming in everyday waiting for retirement. Let them go. Let a motivated teacher do the work. Poor results? Let them go. And that was a "free" consultation.

Work. Slow. Boring. Tedious. Three days of low customer counts. Our store is hot. Anyone leaving home in the past three days is heading for air conditioning. And if you buy plants then you have to plant them. Unpleasant. Not rocket science as to why we are having no business.
But our leader is thinking of having a "sale". A little late I think and with no advertising who will know? I spend the day with a hose watering, watering, watering. And then with scissors removing spent blossoms and bad leaves. Yesterday I moved all the herbs. Now they are all on four tables instead of six. And all the bad looking herbs have gone bye bye. Today, I have the "don't I look pretty" table to renew. Stuff sells off the "don't I look pretty" table.

Dinner tonight? I have no idea but Chinese takeout sounds good.

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Terry said...

Not only will the teachers' Union not allow bad teacher to be fired, they will not allow good teachers to be rewarded with better pay or bonuses. Don't get me started!