Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dog Morning

My shiny black dog baby is sound asleep with his teddy. Can he get any cuter? Riley is having a slow, sleepy start to my day off. Which is okay with me. I have a white load of laundry in the washer and when it dries I will iron G's work shirts. I think there may be a nap in my future as well.

We found a HUGE zucchini in the garden. How do we miss seeing these things? I was reading a Swedish blog and the author had made zucchini fritters with feta, parsley and dill. I could also make some of the Indian fritters from the Jamie Oliver book. I did buy chickpea flour for just such a recipe tryout. Or I could walk down the street and leave them on someone's doorstep. This would be a good time to make more pickles, but I already have a dozen or more jars from last summer and 5 from this summer. We have to try and eat more pickles! I wish zucchini tasted good in a fresh salad with sour cream and dill. It doesn't.

My nose is alternating between running and being stopped up. The stopped up portion gives me a headache and makes my eyes blurry. Whatever I am allergic to--is in bloom right now. Ragweed or goldenrod.

Yesterday at work, wasn't bad (but not good, either). It was so hot in the greenhouse, where a majority of my time was spent, that the sweat running off my face into my eyes, burned my eyes. I was reminded by fellow workers to go get glasses of water. So I had plenty of water, soup for lunch and watermelon chunks in the late afternoon. No backache this morning. I broke a leaf off an orchid I was examining for a customer (felt awful about that), had a problem with the credit card machine (felt stupid about that), and helped a few customers (felt okay with that). I was also asked to "stand up all the tall plants that fell over and water everything in the perennial yard" Two thirds of the way into the project, the boss sends me "help". What does this mean? Was I going too slow? Was I not doing it correctly? Did he change his mind about wanting me to do it? Did I look like I couldn't do the job? What?????? I was happy to see him go home early.

G is having his share of grumpy customers. Road paving is closing exits along our main highway and vacationers are being bumped off onto strange secondary streets, sitting in bumper to bumper traffic and it's hot. Maine also has no info signs so no one knows where they will be able to find gas or food. So when they see the little, tiny McDonald's they swarm in. And sometimes they vent or give everyone some of their frustrated attitude. Plus they increase the customer count. G sometimes has 6 employees and is serving nearly 100 customers at the counter each hour. No drive thru. Tiny. Thank goodness McDonald's of Maine no longer serves up lobster rolls. Though it would help local lobster men right now. Which reminds me, I haven't had a lobster roll this summer.

I took some allergy pills and plan to have a second cup of coffee. May need to start closing windows as the day warms up. I can feel that nap sneaking up on me. I want to paint fabric today. Fry squash. Iron. We'll see. There's always tomorrow.

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Diane N said...

Regarding zucchini, my mom used to make zucchini parmigiana which she did exactly the way you do eggplant parmigiana.

Regarding the work situation: Could it be that you are overthinking that situation with the boss sending out someone else to help?? Maybe the boss thought he was helping you. Maybe the boss thought the helper he sent out could learn something from your work ethic. Maybe the employee who was sent out wasn't doing anything and the boss sent him out so he would have something to do. You see, the possibilities are endless and we will never really know. It will remain one of those eternal mysteries that remain unsolved throughout the annals of time.

Love the photo of your dog. Gorgeous dog!