Friday, July 16, 2010

What I Am Reading This Week

Swedish police procedural, vegetarian/meat eater recipes, work related stuff, and cottage style for some decorating ideas. At the bottom is an LL Bean catalog. The Book Sale sent me a $25 "thank you" gift card to LL Bean for all my hard work. In the old days, book sale wise, I have gotten $100 GC to very nice restaurants, $60 GC to local, not so nice places, $20 GC to a local, weird bookstore (which I traded for another restaurant GC). The "thank you" has declined in direct proportion to the increased end result. The $100 gifts were for sales making 12 to 17K. Now that we are pulling in 34K each year--I get $25.

I found (I think) a wonderful recipe for zucchini lasagna. I will be using my seven zucchini for this dish. G and I decided that I had enough back up stock of zucchini pickles and don't need to make more. The cucumbers aren't producing so I can't make the sweet salty pickles my daughter loves. The tomato plants are full of green tomatoes so I can't start roasting and freezing them yet. I now have a full cup of shelled peas to work with. I don't have enough of anything BUT zucchini and I only like it as pickles. The yellow summer squash has stopped producing. One batch and now nothing. This is a common problem this summer. The grocery had yellow squash (green tinged) and I didn't think it looked very good. My cabbages look good. Small and cute. I weeded the cabbage bed yesterday in 90 degree sunshine. OMG. Only one bed left with weeds. My kale and chard are looking great. Can't wait till they get bigger. My second planting of baby bok choy hasn't grown much yet. The first crop was very cute and then bolted. I ate all the flowers and composted the plants. I plan to actually eat these new ones and that may be why they aren't growing. My beets are SO tiny. Why can't I grow beets?

Right now the sky is overcast and the temps aren't very high. But yesterday the sun came out rather suddenly and got blazing hot. I really don't want to go to work today. Riley is grumpy also. It's rotten being a black dog in the summer.

I'm going to make a bowl of cereal, eat it and then pack my work lunch. See if I still want to stay home. There are enough people working that I am not necessary. I can always eat my lunch here at home. Sounds like a good plan.

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