Sunday, July 04, 2010

Summer Slipcovered Enjoyment

The couches (this is only one of them) now are covered in cool white duck with antique Euro shams and squooshy pillows. Waiting for someone to throw themselves down for a nap or to read a book. I removed the coffee table so Riley had more space to play dog games with G and all the dog toys. That's Hippy resting after a good game of "bite and shake".

I opened all the windows last night and closed them all this morning. Keeping the house dark and cool during what is reported (by weatherpersons) to be a very hot day today. It is already steamy in the backyard at 10 am. What I LOVE most about Maine is that usually the summer nights are cool enough for a really good night's sleep. I'd say about 80% of the summer nights are cool enough to use a light quilt. Divine. Last night was cool and comfortable.

My bite is now very swollen, red and hot. A fly bite. I have flu like symptoms which could be due to the fly bite or just to the heat today. Summer heat makes me feel like I have the flu. My joints ache. My tummy feels queasy. My sinuses are burning. Summer. Ugh!

I've had my shredded wheat, drinking my coffee, have the dark load in the dryer, have the white load shirts ready to iron, have burgers for the grill later today. G and I just had the same thought about the broken planter--we'll use a plastic terra cotta pot with styro chunks in the bottom as a replacement. The dryer is beeping. See you later.

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dee said...

Happy 4th Joanne. Hope the bites calm down soon. The couches look so inviting.
It's 90+ here-very unusual for the island. We normally have summer like you describe. It's a really hot one this year. They tell us that the humidity starts tomorrow so it's a few days indoors for me as much as possible.