Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Open Windows and a Nice Breeze

It's amazing what a nice cleansing breeze can do for a summer evening, morning or afternoon. I love when the "lace" curtains lift and billow in a summer breeze. We have had night temps in the high 50's for two nights. That is normal for Maine. And the next week's weather will be typical Maine summer temps in the high 70's with sun and blue skies. All our visitors from "away" will be happy they arrived this week. Especially, the visitors with boats. Cruising our inlets and islands along the eastern coastline is really a sensory overload. It's that beautiful.

G sprayed weed killer in the garden (on the paths) and I must stay out until this evening or tomorrow or I will track weed killer into the grass from my shoes. The weeds this summer are terrible. And now they are getting big enough to make seeds so we had to resort to drastic measures. G has invented a barrier that keeps the spray focused on the ground and the weeds with no over spraying onto my vegetables. It works very well.

The baked French Fries were salty, crispy and delicious. G & I weren't all that hungry but something salty and crispy was a nice change from our usual diet.

I went out at 7.30 to drive to the library and pick up Jo Nesbo's #3. Now I get to go back to the beginning and see how it all began. I have had to read out of order and that is never a good idea. Spoils all the fun. The library was closing as I arrived. Still quite a few people there. I noticed the staff being less than friendly. Not a smile or a chat for anyone. Not like when I worked there. Everything changes. Even me.

Working the afternoon shift today. The watering should be done. I can probably spend the afternoon in the perennial yard clipping and weeding. I should make a jar of tea for work. Yesterday I had vegetable chowder for lunch and it was a good lunch. So I think I will pack up another bowl for today along with the tea. Dinner will be pasta. Easy and fast and delicious. I have what it takes to make Carbonara for G if he is hungry enough. He hasn't had much of an appetite lately.

Riley's new bag of dog food has the right sized food nuggets this time. The last bag must have been a packaging mistake.The outside wrapper had the right info but the contents weren't right. Everytime we fed Riley that other food he would stare into the bowl and then look up at us. "Where is MY Food?" Now, his familiar food is back. I should write to Eukanuba. The stuff costs a fortune and Riley is noticeably more intelligent than other dogs (we think), his coat is extremely shiny, and he is lean and muscular. In other words, a beautiful example of his breed. So we get value for the money we spend on feeding him the best food possible. Riley eats Eukanuba Labrador Retriever Food. Good Stuff.

I am now moving on to breakfast and my first cup of coffee. Then getting dressed and seeing if I want to start reading, work on a page in my journal (almost to the end and I can chose my next blank book) or start a doodle. Got to get into art again. Slowly.


Amelia Quilter said...

I agree, Riley is a beautiful lab!

Anonymous said...

Hi Joanne! I work for Eukanuba in Consumer Relations. I'm sorry to hear that Riley's last bag of food seemed to have the wrong sized kibble! Can you give us a call or shoot us an email so that we can get more details? 800-426-7226 or go to Eukanuba.com and use the email form.

I'm thrilled to hear that Riley likes his Eukanuba and is doing well on it! If you're on Facebook, come to the Eukanuba page and share a photo--we'd love to see him!

Diane N said...

So does PetCareBev read your blog every day or is "Big Brother" really watching?

Either way, that's pretty darn good customer service. It's just a little creepy...

Anonymous said...

ACK! Didn't mean to be creepy. Sorry!

My job includes "talking" with consumers online--so I look for places where the conversations mention Eukanuba. If I can add value to the conversation, I'll make a comment.

The blogs I post to are open to the public and Google is a great way to find conversations (and make new friends)!