Saturday, July 10, 2010

I Haven't Met You Yet.

The song playing on the car radio as I drove home after work. The artwork made quickly just for you out of cut strips of manila envelope. The things I do for you.

I found G & Riley sound asleep when I got home at 5.30 so I threw all the darks and my work clothes in the washer and set it to go and then took a nice hot shower and scrubbed my feet till they were almost clean. Crocs are nice but they sort of scoop dirt up and it coats your feet and toes, especially when your feet/Crocs get wet, dry off, get wet, dry off etc. I've given up on getting all the dirt out from under my finger nails. Even though the nails are cut as short as possible. I'm so tired. I spent most of the day damp, hot and covered in dirt. I washed off twice at work.

Instead of dinner, we are going to have ice cream. And we're going now. And then I plan on reading to the very end of my book. Tomorrow I can sleep late. It rained today and we are hoping it cools off now, just a bit.

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