Friday, July 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Christopher

We won't discuss how many years old he is today. We'll celebrate that he is tall, good looking, healthy, intelligent, kind, thoughtful and owns a vacuum. He is so easy going that I think we sometimes (often) concentrate on our own needs instead of his. He is far away today. I always write and tell him I wish he was here having birthday cake with us. A really good fudgy chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and vanilla ice cream. Oh. That's MY birthday.

My son was raised in a time of "liberated women's views" shall we say? He can sew if needed. He enjoys cooking. Owns and uses a vacuum. He also owns a washer and drier that are way nicer than anything I have ever owned. My daughter has a brown belt in karate. I blurred the lines of what was masculine/feminine as I raised these two children and the end result is a wonderful thing. Everything is possible. BUT. Neither has married. I don't think this is what either of them wanted but it is what happened. Were my views a bit too liberated? Did they expect and want freedom in everything?

In case you are wondering, (LOL), G cannot cook, use a washer or drier or sew on a button. He does have a brown belt in karate. And he can vacuum.

I made this little fabric birthday card yesterday. I will be sending it via email to C today and then by actual mail today, also. I never forget his birthday but I do forget to mail a card ahead of the birthday. I think it's because I would prefer to see him and hug him and enjoy his company. Sending a card just makes me miss all those things, you know? Just "mom" stuff, sniff.

Happy, Happy birthday Christopher. I love you more than you will ever know. Lots! Have a wonderful day! Love, Mom


Diane N said...

I love the birthday card you made for him. I love the sentiment. I love this whole post.

Happy Birthday to Christopher and I wish him many, many happy returns of the day.

dee said...

Touching and sweet. Happy Birthday Christopher.
You raised two great people who can stand on their own two feet. As it should be but not an easy thing. Congrats to you Joanne-really cool card too.

Marianne Mohib said...

Hey mum, C was a miracle kid. Everybody in the "German circle" admired him and envied his parents. I will never forget the Apple course he was allowed to take together with his dad - course given by "YOU-KNOW- WHO-EMPLOYER-IN-GERMANY" C was only allowed to participate if G promised that C's end results would not be better than those of the adult participants of the course - LOL and ROFL Hugs - Mom
.....and Happy Birthday C!!!