Saturday, July 24, 2010

Annual Blue Cornflowers

These plants have decided to flop to the side and grow upwards from that position. No matter how many branches I have added to the container to support the flopping stems, they just find a way to tip over the edge. Head strong. And such a beautiful blue. Another beautiful blue is the Stokesia Aster which I didn't buy this year. But I ordered 2 more trays for the perennial yard and am pleased to see them being sold.

Yesterday, I arrived at work to find two large carts of new perennials. Mostly coneflowers in white, purple and Sunrise yellow. More sedum. They sent Autumn Joy which customers wanted in May. What are the chances these same customers will return now to find nice Autumn Joy plants? Not good. And Heuchera (coral bells) in Caramel. A color which was also in demand 2 months ago. Do you know a gardener who will wait 2 months to find "the" plant wanted for the garden? No. They will shop around until they find it. Somewhere else.

The remainder of the afternoon, waiting for my head to clear, I walked around clipping spent blossoms, answering questions and finally settled on working the cash register. Eventually, it was 6. When I got home, G & Riley were just returning from a walk in the woods (Riley was radiantly happy) and my purchased rolls and tortillas were viewed with good cheer by G also. We each had a pulled pork sandwich, pickles and the remainder of a short bag of corn chips. then we had showers. It was 8.30 by then. Too late for the promised ice cream.

Today, Saturday, my day off for the weekend, is cloudy, humid and has the potential for some rain. Which means, for me, the bugs are out and bloodthirsty. I have a long list of outdoor projects that need work. Planting, weeding and spraying. I also have produce to collect. Squashes, blueberries and more peas. And perhaps a cucumber? I was going to plant more cucumber seeds but the grocery has plenty for sale. I remember past years of having so many that I brought them to work to give away. I may have lost the cucumber "touch". I love a nice cucumber salad with sour cream and dill.

I took my off brand Claritin at around 8.30 last night and slept well. No post nasal drip down the back of my throat. I don't think the medication is curing the problem, merely making me less miserable. And it makes me drowsy, contrary to what is written on the box front. One tab a day. I figured being drowsy was something I should save for evening and not morning. But my nose is stuffy right now. And my head feels like it has cotton batting inside. And I am sleepy. I am going to have a bowl of Pecan Cereal. It's not crunchy or crispy and gets all mushy in the milk, but I am growing very fond of it. So I will eat it at every opportunity and NEVER buy it again. It is too tempting. Just like the Big Sky granola. Once I open the package I can't stay away from it until it is empty.

The coffee is ready. I can hear the siren call of my cereal beckoning. I can also hear Riley making "let's go" noises from the sunporch. He has squirrels to chase and grass to roll in. And the hope of a walk at some point.

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Diane N said...

The weather this summer seems to be causing all kinds of health problems for people no matter whether they live on the east coast, west coast, south, north or midwest.

I hope you will be feeling better soon.