Thursday, July 08, 2010

Surrounded by Yellow

Lemons for cooking and squeezing into iced tea. These lemons were 25 cents each this week at my supermarket. I may squeeze one into some homemade hummus.

Calendula flowers that I clip and dry. The petals can be combined with olive oil and steeped to release the "stuff" which is then mixed with melted beeswax to make a healing salve. I have to remember to keep the dry petals out of direct sunlight.

My four poster bed with white linen sheets and a whole pile of down pillows. We are thinking we need a new mattress as you can see exactly where we sleep. Or else the middle hump is created by the little legs that hold up the middle of the bed frame. G and I turn, flip and muscle this big mattress around every few months. Aerobic exercise.

I think I mentioned digging up my Graham Thomas rose, finding it had one small root and moving the rose to a raised bed in my garden, hoping it would thrive and prosper, eventually. Well, things have looked mighty dicey but yesterday I noticed (among the weeds I was pulling) that Graham Thomas had four or five buds and one was open, smelling divine. There were Japanese beetles crawling all over the open flower so I clipped it and brought it inside to enjoy. I stick my nose into the petals every time I walk past. Smells so good.

Harvested from the garden yesterday and destined to be sliced and fried with onion until a deep golden brown and then piled on white rice along side some fried chicken and sliced tomatoes. Memories of the six years we lived in Georgia on a plate. Minus really good juicy peaches made into cobbler for dessert. I'm more sophisticated now and would add raspberries to the cobbler.

Yesterday I was in a Benadryl fog (a good thing) and managed an hour of weeding and gardening (spraying Sevin on my roses and the beetles) before I dragged myself into the house, dirty and sweaty, to take a shower, dress in shorts and a tee and turn on the telly and watch Law and Order CI and cooking shows (sipping iced coffee) until G got home at 5.30. I couldn't focus my eyes enough to read. Riley was good. He napped. Dog Days.

We had a nice dinner with friends last night. Good Margaritas. Good BBQ. Good Sweet Potato Fries. And finally Good Key Lime Pie. Today is G's day off and we'll be "doing things". I have no idea what. I would like to buy another fan. Another sleeveless top. New Crocs. We'll see.


Terry said...

I love all that yellow! Thought the picture of your bed was from one of those decorating blogs--very beautiful!

dee said...

Your bed lumps look exactly like ours. Next mattress will be a tempurepedic. We tried it out in NC while we were in a hotel there. Best nights sleep in years.I wanted to take it home.