Saturday, July 17, 2010

Southern Peaches

I read, somewhere, that the way to ripen hard grocery peaches, was to set them somewhere, not touching, and turn them daily until the peaches were as ripe as you wanted. I did this. I set my 10 peaches in a grid on the bay window sill, shady, and waited. I think they might have been ready yesterday but this morning we have soft, juicy peach perfection. I may eat them all for breakfast!!! One of the joys of living in Georgia was the sweet juicy peaches.

I didn't go to work yesterday. I cooked. I read. I walked the dog. I neglected my gardens. I rested. I have now had four days to rest, regroup and listen to my body instead of my head. The weather here in Maine co-operated. I could have the house windows open most of the day and all night. There was a gentle breeze. If it weren't for all the biting bugs, a hammock in the yard would have been a delightful place to rest and nap. I am suffering two more fly bites.

I fried all the zucchini from the garden down with onion. Two batches. I mentioned at work that I could eat rice, green peas and fried squash everyday. So, now I can. It isn't difficult to cook things when you have all day. We had pan sauteed southern pork ribs for dinner. Fried hot to get a crispy exterior and then braised with water and covered until the water cooks down, then fried gently till dark brown and slightly crisp. Soft, melting meat and a bone to chew. G had the last of the German potato salad (bacon and pickled onion) and I had an extra large baked potato and applesauce. Green beans for both of us. A very good dinner.

Now the refrigerator is packed with food (for me mostly); leftover pizza, sweet potato burgers, fried squash. I just need to make more rice. I have some frozen chicken that I could prepare for G. And I have everything for a small pan of lasagna sans zucchini. There is also a half loaf of very moist banana bread and I am thinking about a peach dessert.

Today is supposed to become very hot. A good day to not be working. I exchanged my Saturday for another's Sunday for the next two weeks. Sunday is one hour shorter and a whole lot slower than Saturday. But any day with high heat is slow. Who visits a greenhouse in 90 degree weather? Which reminds me to get another half gallon jar of sweet tea made.

Can you tell I lived in Georgia for six of the most impressionable years of my life? Where I began married life and had two babies and learned to cook. I hated leaving Georgia when G was transferred to Florida. I still love going back to visit. My southern accent returns so quickly y'all. Smiling. A lot. Think I'll have another peach.

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