Monday, July 05, 2010


Today was a miserable day at work. Over 100 degrees in the greenhouse and 90 outside. Watering plants that dried out immediately. No customers. I felt sick. Tired. And I was eager to take my employer up on his offer "to go home whenever you want, now that the afternoon crew is here". Tomorrow, I'm the afternoon crew. No reprieve.

G's day was SO much worse. The AC at the McDonald's stopped working. 95 degrees in the restaurant. UGH! The coolest spot in the kitchen? The GRILL. It has updraft vents.

I had Kraft Mac & Cheese for dinner. G had a packaged Italian Risotto. Easy cooking.

My day, tomorrow, is full. Take Riley to doggie day care, then back into Town for my 10 am haircut, perhaps some shopping at the Farmer's Market, then work from 12 to 6 in heat worse than today. Then home to shower and fall down and not get up.

My sprinkler set up is working. I turned it on this morning and the vegetables made it through the day with an hour's worth of water. I watered again when I got home. I have about 10 small yellow squash on two plants. I think they should be ready to pick by Wednesday or Thursday (and I will be slicing and frying them with onion). I have one more zuke getting ready to pick tomorrow. The zucchini grow much faster. Pea pods on the pea plants. The Kale and Swiss Chard are growing like crazy! As are the weeds. My garden is making me so very happy. My cabbages have started to make heads!!!!

I moved my sickly (near death) $5 clearance Graham Thomas yellow Austin Rose to a raised bed in the veg garden. It had one root. Now, after I cleared all the weeds, I see that the plant has three rose buds. What a trooper! I had another Graham Thomas many years ago that grew to be 8feet tall and 8 feet wide. The yellow roses were fragrant and gorgeous. That rose died of root rot when we had a very wet spring. I loved that rose.

I'm going to go watch television and fall asleep. I stayed up very late last night reading (finishing) my book in one day. Once I start reading I hate to stop.

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dee said...

I guess going north to get out of the heatwave is not an option...

I hope, for all our sakes, that it cools down soon. Our relatives in Florida & friends in Houston have cooler weather than this.