Sunday, July 25, 2010

Swirl Zinnia and Dianthus

I look forward to the swirl zinnias. They arrive in the annual house later than everything else. I think this one is called cherry swirl. I also bought the yellow and red swirled zinnia. They are in the yellow planter I showed you a few days ago.

I went to work today and only stayed one hour. My back hurt and the heat was making me nauseous. I have been drinking plenty of liquids. I slept poorly last night and spent too many hours slouched on the couch reading my Norwegian mystery. Poor posture will do it every time. G is having a worse day as he was called in to work early this morning (his day off). He won't get a substitute day off. He just loses it. Which stinks.

I am feeling down, sad and vaguely depressed today. Since it has to do with someone else, not me, I have decided not to write about it. What is it they say?"Life is what happens to you while you were making other plans". As my dad would say, "damn".

I don't feel well enough to do much outside where it's hot. If I could sleep, I would. I will continue to drink water and sit up straight and not slouch. I will walk around to loosen the back muscles. I will survive.


Annie said...

Take care, Joanne, hope you're feeling better today.

: )

Diane N said...

I am wondering if you are not having enough time to yourself to just create art or to do things just for yourself. When I am overwhelmed with everyday duties and work and such and I don't have enough time to work on something I truly enjoy, I feel vaguely unhappy and restless, sometimes just plain miserable. The weather this summer has not helped the feeling.
You have to feed your soul sometimes, too.