Sunday, July 11, 2010

Germinating Ideas/ Removing Clutter

I added the discarded brown Kraft paper I brought home from work yesterday to the manila envelope strips and increased the color saturation on iPhoto to 100%. The cloud cover today is limiting the amount of color the camera can pick up, even with a skylight overhead. Making art from these scraps of paper is creative and easily done. Not a "big" project. A paper puzzle.

I am removing items from the desk area today. The clutter is bothering me. I want SIMPLE. I want CLEAN. Not necessarily PLAIN but less complicated. I wrote in my journal this morning that it may be time to rent the dumpster and start cleaning. I need to find a nice storage area for all the empty jam and jelly jars I have saved here on the desk cubicle's shelves. We (G) seems to eat an enormous amount of jam and jelly.

G & Riley have gone outside. Riley thinks they are going for a walk. G knows they are cutting the grass before it rains again. 80 degrees and humid. Ugh!

I am thinking of making potato salad. The faux German salad my mother made. Potatoes. Bacon. Onion. Vinegar. Oil. Lighter. Less seasoned. My mother just didn't season things. In her later years she added more water and less vinegar to her refrigerator pickles. I made them for my dad and he was shocked at how tasty the pickles were (with the correct amount of vinegar) and how they tasted like the "old days". Mom always made breaded (cold) pork chops (not chicken), the potato salad and sliced tomatoes when we went for a picnic. We never bought food at any of the amusement parks or beaches we went to in the summer. We had cold watermelon out of the cooler for dessert. All my happy memories are of the food we ate.

I finished my book and have nothing to read. I can always dig around in the book cupboard and find a paperback to reread. Library is closed on Sunday. I'm digging around in the box of book sale books I purchased. Cottage Style Decorating at the moment.

I have shirts to iron. Potatoes to boil. Floors to vacuum. Sweet Potato Veggie Burgers to make. And there are always weeds to pull in the garden if I feel like being dirty, sweaty and bug bitten.


dee said...

not usually the thing that would tempt me but those sweet potato burgers sound good.
Simple and clean always sounds great to me. Perhaps beause my family spends much of their time in oposition to my simple and clean efforts.
James is moving into his new apartment this week-that's one less stack maker.

Diane N said...

This comment belongs to the previous blog but I couldn't get it to post for some reason.
Regarding Jo Nesbo, I had read a review in the Chicago Tribune about a new book of his called "The Devil's Star" which is the fifth out of his eight Harry Hole Novels. It's new here but was published in Norway about 7 years ago. Very favorable review.

This author also has a website at English and Norsk.

Thought you might to take a look.

Diane N said...

Just a thought... You might want to check out Karin Fossum's books if you haven't read her already.