Friday, July 02, 2010


A tiny six pack of these cheap and cheerful flowers. And they are edible. Blooming on my deck and not yet planted in their summer home. I still don't know where I will put them. A clay pot in the garden near the salad greens? On the steps leading to the garden?

One of the planter boxes (the red and white one) by the front steps has collapsed into a rotten wood heap. The roofers attempted to move it and it fell apart. The pansies that were topped off by a hungry deer have regrown and are looking very sweet. The blue front door planter is doing okay but the cornflowers are growing vertically instead of horizontal. I added some supportive branches but they are determined to go sideways. It was going to be wildly beautiful with the tall silvery green leaves, bright blue cornflowers riding up on top and below a froth of light blue petunias. Perhaps, a fabric rendition?

Riley is at loose ends now that all the excitement of "roofing" is finished. My house looks wonderful with it's new, lighter, grayer roof. The very old shabby brown shingles didn't suit.
Now, if the house stain/paint would just FADE to a silvery gold. Why is it that when you want the paint to age to the color you dream of, it stays bright? I could have it re-stained. I could..

I am eternally perplexed by the color choices I make. I am a painter. I know color. And yet, I make the stupidest choices in house paint. I wanted silvery gold and ended up with shortbread which is beige yellow. A beige yellow house is so not what I wanted. The shutters I got right. I matched the paint to a fresh new rhododendron leaf. Next to the house it shifts to a more yellow green shade. I just need an accent color. I thought it might be a rosy purple but now that we have done purple and yellow, I am not so sure I could stand it. I have a tiny, tiny sample can which I intended to test on the table my Indian Deity sits on. I though she would be happy on a purple table. We'll see.

My Joan Schulze book has arrived and I am eager to open it and disappear in the pages of fabric art inspiration. I need an "Art Day".

Lunch yesterday at the new Irish Pub downtown was terrible. The place was deserted. Only three tables being used and once we got our food I could understand why. The food was terrible. My Red, White & Blue Nachos were covered in partially melted cheese and shredded carrots. Yes. Carrots. And the additional salsa (they charged for this) was disgusting and I refused to eat it or pay for it. Why did I order nachos? Because everything else on the menu sounded strange. Avocado mixed with bleu cheese. Chili with Guinness. I returned home with a take out box containing my nacho chips and unmelted cheese (I ate the carrots) and G had just finished heating up some pulled pork so I forked a bit of that on my boxed chips and finally had something good to eat. $8.

We have about five or six new restaurants opening in my little Town this summer. The Irish Pub, A Greek place, a California Mexican place (sweet potato black bean tacos), a Sports Bar and an upscale Sushi Bar. This is in addition to an Italian place, two Gelato places, a very nice deli, a healthy food sandwich and dessert place, three upscale ($100 for two) restaurants (small plates and smaller servings) and a scatter brained place I won't go into because they use so much garlic you can smell the place a block away. Very popular. I can smell the building as I drive past and that's as close as I want to get to that much garlic. Almost all these new restaurants are located in buildings that held restaurants that failed, but were open last year. When I say there is no where to eat in my Town; I mean there is no where (good) to eat in my Town. I sit reading the menu and looking for the dish least likely to make me ill. Our Chinese restaurant is located in the next town. Our Town has a Chinese restaurant/buffet. We went once. I'm surprised they don't have an ambulance in the parking lot, to save time.

My horoscope is indicating that change is nearby. Not yet. But closer every day. I am getting nervous.

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