Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wanting What Everyone Has

But not knowing what I will do with it. A phone. A cell phone. Never had one. I don't think the one I gave back after two days counts, do you?

I have written before, about not having anyone to call on a phone. That is still true. I can call G but usually, when I want to call him, I am standing near a wall mounted phone. Or I am at home with our house phone. I could use my "free" minutes to call K or my son (once). I could get an iPhone and read email, take pictures and, well, do what I do here at home on the computer. But that takes the fun out of sitting here on the computer.

All of you out there, did you used to phone people all the time even when you didn't have a cell phone? Do you have tons of friends and family to talk to all day, everyday? (I don't) Do you need to talk to your significant other several times a day? (G would hang up on me) Do you call people while you are grocery shopping? At TJ Maxx? Standing in line at the bank?

These are all things I would never do. The only time I really like having a phone (borrowed) is when I travel alone and I don't do that more than once a year now.

I don't use my house phone. At all most days. So, I guess that answers my question of needing a cell phone. Like the Hoola Hoop it is something everyone has and I thought I needed one, too. to be "with it". I am totally not "with it".


dee said...

You're singing to the choir or talking to the last of the Luddites. I loath cell phones...LOATH. We have one my husband keeps for travel in case of emergency. Son often lamented the fact that he was the only grief stricken child in school without a cell phone. When he wanted one we told him to go ahead and get a pre-paid one when he could afford it because we weren't going to pay for it. He did and it was a good lesson for him. We continue to keep our landline since you can hear better on it and it doesn't stop working in the middle of conversations. If there is someone I want to talk to I do so. R would react the same way your G does. I love good conversation and have never felt that doing it on the phone makes up for face time.We're blessed to be near everyone we care to talk to. I'm sure it would be different if that were not the case.
I would, however love to buy another Hoola Hoop since I had a fabulous mid section when I spent hours with it years ago. Having excepted my role as one of the un-cool kids is very liberating...join me!

Diane N said...

I finally got a cell phone about ten months ago because my mother was ill, requiring surgeries and treatments, etc... My husband said I had to get one since I would be on the road going back and forth so often and it would be a good way for people to get in touch with me (which was precisely the reason I never wanted one.)

I don't talk on the phone much at home, either. I guess I could call people but I prefer to e-mail or if they don't have a computer, a regular letter or card. I am far more interesting and witty with the written word than I am with a telephone conversation. I can never think of anything to say on the phone while a keyboard or a blank piece of papers in front of me sends thoughts and words pouring forth.

People have told me that the best thing about a cell phone is that you always have it with you and can call for help or whatever. To me that's a false sense of security.

I think that the best thing about a cell phone is that you can turn it OFF!

Terry said...

OK, here goes. I am going to try to explain why I love my cell phone, even though, like you, I hate talking on the phone. I have had a cell phone for quite a few years and now have an iPhone.

I meet my friends to walk every morning. If I run into bad traffic or something comes up I can easily let them know I am going to be a few minutes late, even when they are standing at the beginning of the trail waiting for me.

When I am running around doing errands or whatever, I can call Ray and say, "hey, remember when you were looking for a such and such? They have one here at Target and it is on sale for half price. Want me to get it?" He does the same for me. Or I can call him and say, "I'm stopping at Starbucks on my way home. Do you want coffee?" Also, when I get to the grocery store and realize I forgot to check to see if we have any eggs before I left, I can call him and he will check for me. He also usually says, "I forgot to tell you I need toothpaste." This saves us many repeat trips to the grocery store. It really does!

Day before yesterday I was planning to meet friends for a quick dinner before our Fiber arts group meeting. I ran into a detour and very slow traffic. I called to let them know I was on my way, but quite late.

My daughter is pregnant and due in 3 weeks. I know I will get a call when she goes into labor regardless of where I am. If she gets stuck at work and can't pick up her daughter on time she can call me to run and get her.

I rarely have a long conversation with anyone, but many small calls that just make life so much easier. I used to drive and talk at the same time, but it is now illegal in Oregon, which is probably a good thing. I just pull over and call or answer now.

When we moved we decided not to get a land line and have not regretted it. I used to think I'd never need a cell phone. Now I can't imagine being without it. I love the iPhone because I can look up an address, look at a map, carry pictures of my grandchild, show people my artwork and if necessary read my email. The other day I was trying to remember the name of a great bookstore in Spokane to tell the clerk at Starbucks who said she was on her way to Spokane that afternoon. It took me about 2 minutes to google and find it on my phone, and could give her the address and store hours as well as the name. I still prefer sitting at the computer to read, but the iPhone works in a pinch.

In short, I could live without my cell phone, but I would sure rather not have to!

Amelia Quilter said...

Get one for traveling but stay with a land line. You can hear on them and a cell phone is less secure and reception is iffy.

Marianne Mohib said...

Me too, I was totally against cell phones, to me it felt like being on remote control. Until 3 years ago, when I had to travel quite a bit at night. My husband insisted that I take his cell phone along (we also have a landline) and that's when I started using cell phones. Last year I got my own - and I'm the SMS-Queen. It's a great way to stay in touch with friends and relatives, in addition to our long landline calls. At my house we're also big MSN fans - especially our relatives in Holland, Morocco and the US use it a lot, and it keeps our telephone charges within reasonable limits. Remember how expensive telephone calls in Germany were (and still are!)?

Samantha said...

Mom, I put yellow cauliflower in the leftover pickle juice and they were FABULOUS! Please do make a batch of cauliflower for me - white or yellow, I'd snarf that up in seconds!

Life Scraps and Patches said...

I've happily given up my land line for a cell phone. I love being able to call out-of-town family and friends without worrying about long distance charges. Appreciate being reachable by the grandkids day care in case of sickness. I've been so grateful in those times of vehicle breakdowns. Looking forward to getting a phone with GPS and email.