Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Do You Ever Wonder

What the Republicans would have done if Obama was ever as "conflicted" by the truth as the Orange Man is?

 But when faced with the things going on--Nepotism (family members taking the places reserved for highly experienced government people who actually know how governments work)-- political mistakes of significant weight for future negotiations (not shaking hands with the German Chancellor in front of cameras and press) and now evidence that the Orange Man is still getting weekly or daily status reports on his Corporate Empire even though it is totally illegal for him to be doing so.......... (his sons (Beavus and Butthead) spilled the news to reporters--thinking it was funny) and still no impeachment.

It's like a very bad dream.  And this morning I read that a petition is being circulated in New York City to try and FORCE the First Lady to move into the White House with her supposed husband.  Not that I think she will do it.  NYC wants to stop paying for security.  Millions of $$$'s a day for security.  Not unlike the 5M a weekend to fly to Florida every weekend so the Orange Man can play golf.

I am reminded of the Orange Man screaming about Obama playing golf on his infrequent vacations.  "Why isn't he working for the country?"  "Why is he fooling around on the golf course while the country goes to hell?"   We need the news people to start playing those tapes.

I won't say more.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Sometimes Simple Is The Best Choice

Keeping the blog name the same.

It's raining.  And the ground is still frozen.  So, ice.  Slick. Dangerous.

Yesterday--a full 9 hours at work with just one short chance to sit down and eat--quickly--my lunch.  Otherwise, walking the full length of the greenhouse and garden center to the cashiers--over and over and over and over picking up "re-pots" and them bringing them back to the cash counters when I'd finished them.  And watering, talking, giving advice and otherwise doing my job.  Exhausted.

It was a struggle to walk out and around the place and them up the stairs to the upper yard and my car.  The only one slower than I was--the other retired person.  A Navy veteran.  Both of us looked a bit pale.

The carpenter and the tile guy have been here this morning.  G has the washer hooked up but we may experience a sudden spill of water as the cycle goes on.  The shut off doesn't work.  Could be very exciting.

Things are moving along.  We may have a working new bathroom in a week or two.  Then we'll start on the hall bath.  And then the floors.  And then the hallways.

We are living in a strange construction zone.  It doesn't help that it's cold.  Wet. Raining.  Odd after the warmth of the greenhouse all week, the sunshine and the flowers in all their splendid colors.

I have two full days off.  Time to rest up.

Today's Chores:  Cleaning.  Vacuuming.  Laundry. (washer didn't leak so far so I am going to change the bedding and wash it)  Doesn't sound much like a "take it easy day" does it?  But I do need to give all the surfaces a spray and wipe at least.

Today's Reading:  Finished the Stargazer's sister--the last bit was truly sad--I would stop reading for the tears.  How her brother could do what he did after so many years--hard to believe.  I am now moving on to a new to me mystery writer.  Trudy Nan Boyce and "Out of the Blues".

Today's Cooking:  We ordered take out pizza and a salad for me last night.  I have a nice corned beef brisket I could be cooking--perhaps tomorrow.  Or Thursday.  I will, I think, make a nice pot of spaghetti sauce instead.  Sausage, mushroom and onion for G.  Just spaghetti for me.  With cheese and butter.

Today's Would Be Nice" To Do:  Take some frozen peaches out to thaw for a smoothie.  But it's so cold.  I wouldn't want to drink the finished smoothie.

Riley really wants a walk today--even in the cold rain.  G does not.  One is very sad and the other is not.  Acupuncture at 4pm.  Then we'll stop at the grocery to pick up any items we may need.  I wish they still rotisserie roasted chicken breasts.  A nice chicken salad would be nice to take to work--or eat for breakfast (me-never G).

Friday, March 24, 2017

And It Won't Stop Snowing

Riley likes it.  I do Not.  Yes, it is Nature's compost (snow with all it's minerals) but enough is enough.  Today's snow did serve a purpose though--it was wet enough so I could use the layer of it and a towel to scrub the crusty, sticky salt off the back end of my Fit.  The car isn't clean--but it also isn't salty.

The "new" master bathroom now has electricity and plumbing.  The hallway wallpaper turned into an epic undertaking.  They must have put the stuff up with glue. Two full days.  So, we needed to refinish the drywall. Undercoat and finish coat.  Sanding.  Breathing dust.  I have my scarf wrapped around my mouth and nose whenever I am home.   I guess I could buy those masks.  Wear that.

Now we wait for the tile man to get home from his vacation.  Then perhaps walls, more drywall coats and sanding.  And the lumber for the floors.  That has to settle in and grow accustomed to the humidity of the house before it can be nailed down.  Then sanded, stained and sealed.  So many things have to happen still.  And do I want shelves built into the hall closets.  I think I do.

Three days in a row back at work.  I am exhausted.  I had to be cheerful and nice to everyone--Open House!!  It takes a lot out of me.... I am kidding.  I can be nice without much effort.  And we had really good oatmeal raisin cookies.

Saturday off work and I think PBS is FINALLY done begging for money--- and I think the Saturday cooking shows will be on.  I just love them.  I am also going to be watching more episodes of Longmire or reading my last book.  G took my stack of books back to the library by accident.  Un-read.  And I don't remember what they were.  So---it is what it is.  I still have the Stargazer book.

The rash between my eyes and eyebrows hasn't come back.  Some acid reflux though.  I wish I knew what causes it.  I am pretty sure it's food.  Or coffee.  It's a puzzle.

What We Are Eating Tonight:  G has leftover Chinese food and I have a box of Kraft Mac and Cheese.

I didn't buy anything today.  Ate 3 oatmeal raisin cookies off the Open House Donut and Cookie and Potato Chip Buffet.  Drove home in snow.  Had a nice hot shower and clean clothes.  Read my blogs.

Now I am going to watch the news.  I think Ryan and the Trumpets got what they deserved.  Now I want to watch it and listen to all the politicians and just bask in the happiness of knowing that millions of good people still have health care.  Amen to that.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Thinking Of Changing The Name Of This Blog

I am now officially 70.5 years old.  Half way through the year.

I think I should officially express who I am.  Not just the day on which I was born--a Wednesday. I am struggling to come up with some names to choose from.  This was the problem so many years ago when I started this blog--what to call it.

Any help for my Readers would be welcome.  You probably know me better than I know myself.

The carpenters are back--we had the weekend free of noise.  Now stud walls are being built.  The larger than life empty room will now be sectioned off and made smaller--and then when filled with the "new" seem larger than before.  It's a magical thing.

The door I wanted--the front door to the house--was too large for the opening and WAY TOO expensive.  So now I have to choose another.  Everything changes.  Nothing is set.  Now flooring. Light or dark wood.  In the closets?  The plumber comes tomorrow.  Then the electrician. We have a drawing of the vanity for master bath.  So many things to decide.  And then live with.

I am continuing to reduce, recycle and re-purpose.  Even the refrigerator.  I pulled out all the vegetables and roasted them on a sheet pan.  Carrots are so dense and delicious roasted with just salt, pepper and good olive oil.  I ate them off the pan.  Just like that. Right out of the oven. With my fingers. I also roasted a head of cauliflower.  That was good also.

What I Am Reading:  The Stargazer's Sister by Carrie Brown.  Based on the real life of Caroline Herschel, sister of the great astronomer and composer William Herschel.

Where I Am Going: To the grocery store.  For Yogurt. For Salad Greens. For Cheese to put on Riley's food.  (old dogs have trouble knowing there's food in the bowl).  For Milk for my cereal.  For Carrots.
Later today: Acupuncture.

What I Have Been Sewing:  I had to add more patches to the favorite, well worn grey cashmere pullover.  The other elbow was looking thin.  A hole in the edging of the sleeve.  A hole under the arm at the seam.  A stabilizing patch at the V in the open cowl neck.  I feel better knowing the weak areas are now better able to get through the next 10 years or more. I am hopeful.  I would like to be wearing this sweater on the day I die.

What I Have Been Thinking:  Death seems to be all around me these days. Not mine.  Others I have known and lost--without being aware of it.  Finding out long after death came for them.  Being reminded of the time spent with them and the memories of that time. Like time and memory is slowly fading and disappearing.  I am reminded of the priest saying at the untimely death of a beloved man- "he is not dead until the very last person that has known and loved him is dead".  They all live, still, in my heart.

So, on that "cheerful"note--I leave you and get myself off to the grocery store.  The workmen have gone to lunch.