Sunday, December 17, 2017

The Sixteenth & Seventeenth Days of December

I've moved from buying and sending to making.  Making is labor intensive and I tend to lose track of time.  I didn't just make this Gingerbread House.  I made it years and years ago.  I think I bought the wooden kit for the house on one of my last visits to Georgia to visit my long time friend who decided she didn't want me as a friend any more.  So this little doll house brings back memories.

And this little dollhouse needed so much "shopping" & "making" over the years to get to this happy place.  The Necco wafer roof shingles are cut from sheets of foam in all those candy colors. One by one.  There have been a number of "trees" beside the front porch entrance.  These tall cookie towers were found at Big Lots and I may have even "whooped" in excitement as I scooped them into my basket.

The gumdrops are fake and another wonderful find over the years of house construction.  These houses take time.  You have to set the "making" aside each year when Christmas is over and hope that  the next season's decor in the hobby and seasonal section of stores will help you fill gaps.  And sometimes wait several years to find the "right" thing.

And then adults tell their children to grab "candy" and pull it off the house when I was foolish enough to display it in public.  So, it's just here at home.  Safe. But it would be so much more fun to have people see it.  Now you can!

I am also making an appliqu├ęd, pieced and quilted small gift my daughter asked me to make for her good friend.  I was apprehensive.  But yesterday I drafted it all on freezer paper, measured and cut strips for the background and added a bias cut vine.  Today five leaves.  Layered and ready to quilt by hand.  Then turn the edges to finish.

I wanted to show it here but the picture won't load.

Football today.  Snow tomorrow.  UPS delivered something to a fellow blogger and it is now happily "in use" after waiting 30 something years for the right guy.  Love it when things work out.

Friday, December 15, 2017

On The Fifteenth Day Of December

Making.   That's the "Rule of the Day" for the 15th.   Pizza is on the menu for dinner here at home. I have pepperoni, mushrooms, and red bell peppers for toppings.

I have to make G's gift.  Handwarmers out of socks.  His hands are always cold and early on,  I very quickly, made hand warmers out of an old pair of cashmere socks I have (to sleep in) but they are now getting quite frayed.  So a new pair with carefully turned and stitched edges.  Perhaps two pair.  The hand warmers out of socks leave the whole of the "finger section" open so all normal things can be done with bare fingers.  There is no fold back portion on these.  Just very simple.

I also have a stack of prefolded but "not as yet cut" pentagons.  And after cutting I will be, hopefully,  folding the remaining, much needed, stars.  Four.  I folded 8 pentagons, just in case. Who knows, I may go "rogue" and send out more than 12.

I also have to make a fabric gift for my daughter's friend.  The letter M embellished.

I can also begin wrapping gifts, mailing cards and starting on my cookie and cake baking.  Closer to the 24th I will be making Polish Pierogi-  cheese only for our daughter.  Sauerkraut and Potato for G and I.  We deliver the Cheese Pierogi to our daughter's fridge on Christmas Eve.  Like Elves.  For me, The Holiday is all cooking--all the time.  I often make my cookies after Christmas so my deadlines are flexible. Well, all "time" is flexible when one is 71 years of age. The knees--not so much.

Time is also being set aside for the Star Wars Movie.  But NOT today.  Everyone will be trying to see the movie today and into the weekend.  We don't "do crowds" especially in a movie theater. Way too many "odors".

I am now "on the fence" as to the Christmas Card.  Do I make or do I choose a commercial card as I did last year?  I could also look thru the drawer full of cards and see what I have.  I had intended to get a good start on the cards at Art Co-op.  Which was cancelled because of the storm last week.

So, I must decide.  I do not have much time left.

And the garage doors are stuck.  The opener can't make them go up or down.  G says we can do it manually.  Okay.  And we might need an emergency call to the garage door company.  Just saying....

And best of all--I don't go to work tomorrow.  Yippee!

Thursday, December 14, 2017

On The Fourteenth Day Of December

If you aren't really careful, you break a few lovely ornaments.  The tree is covered in ornaments now.  I had to climb up on a four step kitchen stepper thingy so I could then lean as far forward as I dared to try and get an itty bitty hook over some greens.  The ones in the dustpan didn't bounce on other branches to break their fall.  Direct route to the hardwood floor.

I love those candy striped ornaments.  Sigh.  But G says the tree looks "professional".  Well, thank you very much!

G took me to lunch but before that to the lovely Now You're Cooking in Downtown Bath.  I get to select anything I want.  He likes me to make a nice sized pile of kitchen goodies.  G also got to sample an Espresso made in the Nespresso machine the store is selling.  He chose the Keurig when I agreed to a coffee machine.  Now he is wishing he had gotten the Nespresso.  Because he does enjoy the occasional Espresso.  Live and learn.

We had lunch/dinner at Beale Street BBQ.  Pulled pork for me and Blackened Haddock for G.  We had deep fried ribs as a starter with cajun sauce.  Beale Street because they are making Memphis ribs, pork and beef.  The we walked down the block and had ice cream at Dot's.

December 14th is/was a very good day.

On The Thirteenth Day Of December

I forgot to post.  G and I were up until way past midnight on the 12th, shoveling slush off the driveway.  We are into 3 weeks of freezing weather here in Maine.  So any slush would have frozen into "ruts" that would be hard to navigate by foot for weeks on end.   Driving down the drive to get the mail is one thing--walking a dog?  Not so much.

Riley is having a time of it.  He is annoyed with himself regarding peeing on his hind leg while balancing on the slippery, hard crusted snow in the side yard.  Winter.

The view up top--- The old rattan table and chairs I wrote about, the dog, the bright southern side of the yard through the French doors and tall windows, the new hallway floor and carpet and under the table a peek at the new radiator and the boxes and bags of ornaments and lights.  In the vase on the hall table--pussy will stems I trimmed off the little willow tree (that keeps trying to become a very tall willow tree).  The buds seemed rather full to me so I put them in water and--wonder to behold--they are opening into little furry soft "buds".

I am guessing the crazy weather here in Maine has confused most of the flowering shrubs and trees into thinking it was time to flower.  Which means Spring will be a real dud.  No flowers.

I got little sleep the night we shoveled and then up early for my last day at work.  Which was okay. When I got home it was already turning dark and we sat and watched recorded things on TiVo and then G went out to get Chinese take out.  Never remembered to write to you.

Ornaments on the tree today (the 14th) and the boxes will all go back upstairs--empty.  I will post again later.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

On The Twelfth Day Of December

I FINALLY managed to make some origami stars.  Eight.  The ninth one refused to collapse.  Ten and twelve never made it to pentagon shape.  I had wanted to make a dozen.  Put one in each of my Christmas card envelopes.  Connie you were almost right.  I can make them, but I'm not really good at it. Though I must say, in this picture, they look pretty darn wonderful.  I found the gold paper in the drawer under the old copier.  Love serendipity.

Well, I can rest up a bit and then try again.  Later.  To make 4 more.  The trick was to fold ALL the square into pentagons and THEN start folding them into stars.  Body and hand memory is built that way.  Repetition.  It's the same with quilting.  As I am finding out with the potholder making.  That last potholder is going to have some crazy amazing binding on it.

And who knows--paper cranes for the New Year?

Made another batch of Rum Balls to take to work tomorrow (my last day of work in 2017) but the weather might make that impossible.  G is trying to get home from a doctor's visit about an hour away and is passing more accidents than he can count.  So, staying put during this weather event might be the best thing to do.  So Last Saturday may have been my last day @ work for 2017.

My left eye has decided to itch and swell up again.  Always something.  I am taking it easy, no eye rubbing and I had some drops and pills from last time--so I am doing that.  Seems to be feeling better.
I haven't had time--stars!--- to go look at it in mirror.  It's Atopic Dermatitis.

G says we are putting lights on the tree--no matter what--tonight.  And that's the day's news on the Twelfth Day of December.