Monday, April 24, 2017

Little House-Big Garden

Some day.   Right now it's big house and neglected garden.  The weather is getting better.  I am on a two week regimen with a higher dose inhaler.  The twice a day-12 hours apart one.  And then inhaler four times a day as needed.  I no longer have the "cough".  Now I have hyper-reactive asthma.  And I need to get it calmed back down to just regular reactive.

My doctor is sympathetic.  It IS difficult to go from being always healthy to being chronically ill. It is hard to see one's self as having an illness.  Of having to take daily meds.  And ignoring it isn't going to be the path I should be taking.

On the renovation front:  The new walk in shower is amazing.  All tiled now and caulked.  Ready for the plumbing to be attached to fixtures.  The vanity isn't here yet.  The tile floor is in--super gorgeous-- and is also caulked.  The new modern chair height toilet is still in it's box.  The plumber was on a week's vacation to somewhere warm.  And sunny.

The entrance hall now has it's new closet doors.  LOVE them.  Two doors.  Not louvered. Now to choose the black knobs for ALL the closet doors, the passage doors and the bed/bath doors with security locks.  Three kinds of knobs.  I have to walk thru the house today and count.  Want to get all of them at once.  And order the bathroom lights.

The little "room" for the washer and dryer had it's walls painted.  Well, primed.  And it has it's own little door.  It is regular sized but looks like a Hobbit Door in the very tall feeling bath.  As soon as the plumber gets it all hooked up--I can do laundry at home again.

I did go to the paint store and chose three whites.  Pure White, Extra White and Highly Reflective White.  The last one matches the bath tile exactly.  The first is the softest.   So I expect we will end up with the middle one.  If I can find my paint brushes and or roller I will do a block of each on the bare bathroom wall------G says no.  He is positive I will spill or drip on the new tiles. He is possibly correct.

A few of the seeds I planted in the gallon milk jugs back in early March or late February (in the snow) have finally sprouted.  So happy to see the tiny dots of baby leaves.  I only got 4 onion seedlings.  Out of quite a few seeds.  Boo!

What's Cooking:  Chicken thighs were 77 cents a pound so G is getting a final pot of soup.  I made a garbanzo bean "chicken salad" with beans, celery, pecans, red grapes, poppy seeds and mayo for myself.  Next time I will add onion to it.  It is very good and I need the protein the beans provide.  No rash and no reflux so Garbanzo beans are back in the line up.  I bought organic ones.  Next I am making tuna salad.  With lots of onion and mayo.  I may add celery and petite green peas.

What I Am Reading:  The Boy In The Shadows by Vallgren.  Not an author I know but the book--once I got past the first 30 pages, is holding my interest.  The violence in the book is written matter of factly.  But since it is first person and that character is damaged--it makes sense.  Finished The Girl From Venice by Cruz-Smith.  Slow but a good read.  I see that Vallgren wrote another book and will order that as soon as I hit publish on this.

What I am Working On: and my long list of things I need to find, choose and order. I was making myself crazy with chrome, polished nickel and bronze etc. and just sat here one day and said "I just wanted everything to be black and white".  So the light fixtures and the knobs will be black.  Just plain black.  Against white walls.  I can add color with art, towels etc. Duh!  But my choice of doors?  Like I said--love them.  And they are white. Will have black knobs.

What I Will Be Wearing Soon:  Black linen pants and white linen shirts.  Red rimmed glasses. As soon as it is warm enough.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter To All

Well, here in Maine the sun is shining and it may get to 76 degrees today.  Almost all the snow and ice has melted.  I have three boxes of pansies to plant into the tall planter I carried to the front porch. Hopefully the deer won't eat them all this year.

My cough is doing much better.  Yesterday, at work, teaching the afternoon gardening class, I started coughing and really needed my rescue inhaler.  Now everyone at work knows where I keep it and if I start coughing they know to run and get it and run to me with it.  My emergency plan.

G has the cough I shared with him and is having a hard time.  He is sleeping quite a bit.  His doctor gave him a prescription for his own rescue inhaler to use 4X a day.  He keeps forgetting.  this cough really takes your energy out of you.  It's NOT whooping cough, which is also in Maine right now.
And it's not the flu.  This is something quite different.

We are having a New England Boiled Dinner today.  I purchased everything days before I got sick and it's all still in the fridge, so, I have time today to watch water boil and make the dinner.  Might as well eat it.  We all like it.

I worked Wednesday and Thursday and spent most of Friday doing our taxes and our daughter's.  Hers are very quick--ours with investments and stock sales etc takes hours for me to type it all into Turbo Tax.  But they are done.  Being sick really set me back on a lot of things.  G sent them off to the post office Saturday morning.  Today is Sunday and a Holiday so I am not carrying the many loads of wash to the Laundromat.  Tomorrow.

Now, I am going to plant my pretty pansies and go sit in the sun out back.  Happy Easter.  Enjoy the sunshine!!!

Friday, April 14, 2017

The Only Day This Week

To do all the things I haven't gotten around to since I got "the cough".  I have loads of wash to take to the laundromat.  I have the taxes to do.  I have carpets to vacuum.  Sheets on the bed to change. The hall bathroom to scrub clean .

And now that the snow has finally decided to stop coming down---I have to go upstairs to search for Spring clothing.  Which was furthest from my mind when the carpenters first arrived in March.  Now it's April and nearly May.  It's been so long that I think lifting plastic barriers to get to the different rooms in the house is "normal".

My shower tile is like the tile in the picture above.  Only my tiles are 4 by 12.  And the line where the shelf is in the picture is a thin one inch line of the black floor tile.  My vanity will echo the cabinets and granite top.

But instead of the solid bottom my vanity has a long shelf at the bottom to hold folded towels. The shelf is higher off the floor. Sinks are under mounted. My faucets are shorter but only the one for each sink.  The little column has a little lever to switch from cold to hot/ on and off. I spent too much time and effort cleaning the previous sinks (shell design lots of indents) and faucets (clear glass knobs with creases) so I don't want anything with grooves or design elements.  I think I just found a less expensive (and correct finish) light fixture.  Previously I had ceiling tube lights.  Wallpaper. Lots of wallpaper. Such an ugly bathroom.

I still have to find and order vanity knobs.  And door knobs.

The shower floor is going in today.  Adding to the neighborhood excitement--- a big oak tree is being cut down next door.  Riley is torn.  To watch and supervise the bathroom work or be outside supervising the tree work.

Have to run across the street to list my neighbor's cleaning person in to the house.  See you later!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Spring and Pansies

At work--the pansies are taking the second row.  Easter Lilies the first row.  Easter seems too quick this year.  I must really be getting old.  Time speeds up as we age.  I am always reminded of the way time seemed to slow and not move when I was a child.  Waiting.  Always waiting.  Now, things just seem to rush past.

Easter.  I had wanted to put up an Easter Tree with all the old German ornaments.  While packing everything into the attic room--I found the ornaments I thought were long lost to me.  Little rabbits, chicks and eggs.  So sweet.  I never did buy the tiny carrot ornaments.  Perhaps they never really existed.  Perhaps I just imagined them?  Now it's too late.

And Taxes.  I was supposed to do them and then got sick.  Doing complicated taxes while sick and woozy isn't "a good thing" so now I am behind and rushed.  Worse thing.  It will work out.  I have been in worst situations regarding the taxes.  Last, last minute.  Working and reworking with calculator and pencils.  It's about a four hour job now with the computer.  Just need to set aside the four hours.

Work--I think I am good enough to return to work tomorrow.  We'll see.  I can always decide to sit and rest if I feel fatigued.  I am teaching on Saturday.  Vegetable Gardening in Small Spaces.  Mostly it will be about containers.  Small spaces usually means no ground for digging a garden.

I potted up my dahlia tubers yesterday.  Five large pots and 4 smaller ones for the small sets of tubers. I think most are Park Princess my favorite cactus dahlias.  Pink.  Petals shaped like little fireworks explosions.  I intend for some, if not all, to go into the garden beds this summer.  Not stay in pots. We had way too many pots on the front steps, ground in front of the steps etc.  Plus the indoor plants on the porch itself--out of direct sun.  And then the large containers full of annuals (petunias mostly).  It was colorful and cheerful but such a job to keep it all watered.  I often felt like I did nothing else each day but water.  Hours of hauling hose.  More work than at work.

The truth is evident.  I have chosen to create a very expensive master bathroom.  Very.  I thought, at first, when the contractors referred to my bathroom project as the largest of the five in progress right now, that they were referring to size.  But it isn't that large.  Now I realize it's "large" in cost of materials.  I have asked for, and been given, what I wanted.  Not knowing that the very simple design is also very costly.  The very large walk in shower is being tiled in white subway tiles with a thin line of the black slate flooring as a pinstripe.  Black granite bench and trim on the shower entrance.  Glass doors to come.  Well, I guess I have "good taste" or something.