Sunday, January 21, 2018

I've Missed A Few Days

Things happen.  Or don't happen.  I had laundry to do.  I had to dye my daughter's hair cobalt blue.
Out of love but not understanding. It was dollar day for pink tags and 50% off on red tags at Goodwill.   I didn't find much.  And embroidery kit with floss in colors I need--- $1.

We had pizza tonight.  I seem to have found the secret to astonishingly good pizza baked in my own kitchen oven.  It was divine.

We won our football game.  I spent some of the last quarter in the kitchen chopping vegetables and working on the pizza dough.  I get very nervous.  So I walk away hoping it all works out.  But come back to check and see.  Makes the dog nervous.

And now--I must put clean sheets on the bed.

Tomorrow the eye doctor.  I am apprehensive.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Signs Of Spring in the Midst of a Snowstorm

I took this picture a week ago.  Remember I said I had clipped willow stems to make my willow tree stay short?  This was in the warmish weather right before the Polar Vortex entered Maine.  The branches got stuck into a tall vase and other than changing the water occasionally--I just ignored them.

Until the catkins started puffing up and looking like they had plans.  And they did.  This is so other-World-ly beautiful.  About two to two and half inches long.  And--the bottoms of each stem, in the water has produced long roots.  So, I have the "makings" of a few additional little willow trees.  And a wetland spot for them to grow.

The original stem that is now a 5 foot tall tree with many branches (from much pruning on my part to get a straight stick to turn into a tree) was from Easter two years ago--or it could be three years.  Time in a Garden is hard to remember.  The branch was leftover and in the garbage can at work. Or it was out of an arrangement that got dumped.  I thought the catkins looked interesting.  And I was right. But I had no idea they would look like this when they opened.

All 10 branches are covered in these catkins.  It's heavenly to see when I walk by and everything outside the windows is white......and very cold.

I read my book until 4 am (G says he looked at the clock) I found....ta da.....that IF I held the book far away from my face--arms length....I could read for a long time without the words going squidgy and greasy looking.  Amazing.  So I read.  And read.  And read.  Great Book.  Lotte and Soren Hammer.
Number 2.   I just today picked up book Number 1.  And have already read books 3 and 4.  They have written 6 books but I can't find them in Minerva so they might not have been translated into English yet.

It's been quite awhile since I could read without having to stop.  And I have been quite sad.

I made a few more 3 inch cut, pink Depression blocks.  I only needed to make a few more blocks to add to the leftovers and I may have what I need to make Connie another baby quilt top.  The correct size this time.  Really MUCH smaller than I had thought.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Star-Version Two

Well, I worked on it a bit.  Another layer of cloth under and a few patches added to two of the corners. And, of course, black floral covering the center.   The upper left should be the lower left.
A half turn.  I did know how to do this once upon a time but........ today has already been more stressful than I need.

I did one load of wash and was getting the second load going when I noticed water leaking out of the washer.  At the bottom.  Sigh.

Well, we mopped it all up and opened the front of the washer and it was a leaking hose, and a clamp for that hose that had rusted off --long ago.  G has two things on his list for today--ahead of a new hose and clamp.  And I don't have a third load of we're good.

The tile guy didn't slant the floor correctly.  We had a drain installed just in front of the washer so any overflow would go directly into the drain.  We paid good money for this addition.  But the tile guy slanted the floor toward the shower wall  (not the drain) and...well into baseboard and drywall.  Two things that like to soak up water, grow mold and cost money down the line.  I am really not pleased.
In a perfect world (one I don't live in) the leaking water would have gone into the drain.  A design flaw.

He and Riley are out for their walk.  Then we have about 6 to 8 inches of overnight snow to get up. He has.  I don't do snow anymore.  I used to shovel the entire driveway by hand when G was working away from home.  Herringbone pattern.  Any really long time Readers remember those posts.

While the washing machine stuff was going on (spilled water etc) I stitched the orphan blocks I had left from a pink baby quilt together (busy work calms me down) and I don't have enough to make anything.  I also mended a hole in my LLBean corduroy pants.  Same spot in every pair I own.  Next to the bottom of the zipper.  Fabric frays and a hole appears.  A design flaw if I ever saw one.  That's two.

I am off to drink more water.

Monday, January 15, 2018

What I'm Working On Today

This started out as something totally different.  Didn't work.  Then became something with a big circle.  Didn't work.  Now the circle is a Star.  Might work but probably won't.  Sort of a planet in the cosmos thing.   That was the idea.

We'll see.  This style of fabric use isn't comfortable for me.  I want it to be but I am seeing that my "natural inclinations" are at War with the Cloth.  There is still time to work it out.  The camera took the picture sideways.  Fate?  (I say Fate because the camera knows I can't figure out how to "rotate")

Now I am seeing hope by adding more of the yellow (which is showing up green) and the dotted fabric at the left edge to the right side.  Even the planet out.  The star.  Whatever.  The yellow which looks green is dyed fabric that was once my robe.  Not fond of the yellow dye.  Or the black.  It's a yellowy/green black.  I am more into blues and blue blacks.  Grey.

So I am fighting with the fabric colors, the lack of focal point here, the stitches already in which will probably be taken out.  The star points are pale yellow linen.  I tried tan star points but the whole thing got to be--meh!

It's starting to feel like a meh! day around here.  FOUR degrees.  And green grass showing along the edges of the driveway and sidewalks.  Green grass!!!

At 10am this morning I was already "bored of the day" as my daughter used to say when she was very young.  I guess this is why I go to work?  Because I'm bored of the day?

Feel free to comment on the fiber work.  I need it.