Saturday, July 04, 2015

Trouble With Whirlpool Refrigerators

We had a service call from our extended warranty company.  I think he drove here from either Massachusetts or New Hampshire as there were (are) no technicians in Maine.

Our refrigerator was not repaired.

The closed end (sealed) fuel system which creates cold isn't working and probably was never working correctly.  It can't be repaired successfully as the repair will only keep the fridge going until next July--when it will need to be repaired again or more likely, will need to be trashed.

In any event, the warranty company won't do the work as they would be doing hours and hours of work and Whirlpool will only be responsible for parts--no hours of labor cost, which is their way of not being responsible for what they sell.

Our recourse here is to get an attorney and sue Whirlpool under the "lemon" law.

The warranty on this fridge, from Whirlpool, was only for one year.  There is no extended "normal useful life" of the cooling system which should be 5 years as a minimum.  Whirlpool is aware of the probability the fridge will fail, in our case twice is in the first 2.5 years, and has written the warranty to make sure they have no liability for the sealed system which makes repairs impossible.

They do, however, offer the new fridge owners coverage of up to $250 for each occurrence for "spoiled food" because they KNOW the fridge will fail to stay cold.  The "spoiled food" coverage is a one time offer at the time of purchase.

G and I are left with a non-working, unrepairable refrigerator.

We are looking at hours on hold with Whirlpool.  They put G on hold for 2 hours (with each call and with additional call transfers)  last July when he tried to get a service person to come look at the fridge.  The long hold times are certainly the way they deal with problem callers.  Hoping the caller gets tired and hangs up (gives up).

I'm writing this to warn any other future fridge purchasers to NOT buy Whirlpool or Fridgidar  as they have the same "sealed/closed end" cooling system that cannot be repaired.

We spent nearly $3000 for this refrigerator and, if we can't get Whirlpool to make good on the lemon they sold us--- will need to have the refrigerator hauled away as "junk" and spend more money to buy another.  And what guarantee do we have that the same thing will happen with any "new" appliance  we choose and purchase?????

I think I should open this post to commenters who have had new refrigerator fail repeatedly.  Start a protest movement.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Remembering Last July

When the top half of the "new" fridge stopped working.  Here we are a few days shy of the one year anniversary of 6 weeks with a loaner fridge on the porch.  And, we have another loaner fridge in the garage this time (G and daughter could not manage getting the thing up stairs and onto the porch) because the "new" fridge freezer stopped working.  The poor fan motor will probably burn out--it keeps trying to get the freezer to freeze.   Repair---- well, they'll call if they "find" someone to come out.  Sigh.  And we have a repair contract.

Lowe's comes to the rescue again but they also had a 3 to 4 day delay in delivering the loaner fridge.  So G went to get it with the trailer and S and G had to tip it off the trailer (and hope it didn't crush our daughter) and then just plug it in out there.  We don't need the freezer section as often as we needed the fridge portion last summer.  So, out in the garage is okay.

We lost a lot of things though.  The packaged berries from last summer were the first things to soften. So, they are now feeding the compost pile.  And what didn't fit into the tinier freezer--well, some is in the fridge (where we can hopefully cook and eat it) and the rest will be in tomorrow's garbage pick up.

I have to say-----I really, truly, deeply, hate this fridge and regret buying it.

I hate having to spend time (always) listening to the on and off of the motors and fans (right now it is constant) and wondering if they are on too long or starting too slow etc. etc.  I also have gotten in the habit of testing the firmness of the butter to judge whether the fridge is cooling.  Every single day.

I think we have a real LEMON here.  And from reading comments--it will never be resolved.  Our only recourse is to call it a loss and buy another refrigerator.  $2400 lost.  I just HATE the thought of that.  And what guarantee that the next fridge will be any better?  We have two more years on the extended warranty (parts and service) but the anxiety is taking a toll on my nerves.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Times Are Changing Again

When I was in college in the mid sixties I started out with curfews and bed checks.  We were in lock down mode resembling a women's prison most of the time.  We had to be wearing stockings and a skirt or dress in order to stand in the cafeteria line for the meals our parents paid for. The men's dorms were open 24/7.  But they had to worry about Viet Nam.

My senior year, I could have worn nothing at all and gotten my meal.  No questions.  There were also no curfews or bed checks.  The school and dorm administrators just didn't seem to care where we were or what we were doing. We had the Pill.  Drug use was everywhere (which is why we now have so many commercials for Hepatitis drugs).

I went from living the life of a nun in a convent to...... what would you call it?

In the early years of marriage (happened just after I finished school), we witnessed drug users in the streets (we hoped they were just sleeping and not dead) on the sidewalks in Atlanta where we lived and where our children were born (under the Confederate Flag).  Men visited the moon, Civil Rights, Medicare etc.  The Times They Were A Changing.

Who even thought that at 68.5 I would be witness to another, mind blowing, set of changes.... A Black man as President--for two terms. The Affordable Care Act being given the Supreme Court stamp of approval.  Everyone gets to see the doctor and be well ( I can tell you I am forever grateful for Medicare coverage and Social Security)). Marriage is a right for every American (wow).  The Confederate Flag is now being seen for what it really is--- the on going Civil War---which in some states never ended.  Now Walmart says it's over.

I'm left hopeful that someday a woman will be President.  In my lifetime. Right now we can celebrate a woman climbing to take down the flag in South Carolina.  And being arrested.  Right on!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Last Booksale Set-Up

There seem to be more "last time" things and fewer "first time" things this year.  I'm not sure how I feel about the "last" book sale set up.  It wasn't without it's bumps and irritations so, I'm thinking, I am glad this part of my summer plans for the past 18 years is over.

The month of June will no longer be "before" the sale and then "after" the sale.  It'll just be June.
When the garden gets filled with plants. And there were no books I actually wanted to buy.

Even though it rained yesterday, G had to water everything.  The super hot 80 degree sun got the best of all the little transplanted tomatoes, peppers and squashes.  It got the best of me as well.  And since straight up sunshine is a no-no while I am on the meds--well, it was good to not be at the greenhouse and better to be in the junior high gym, even though I worked harder, lifted too many heavy boxes and had to put up with a woman who kept saying "what a great job you're doing etc etc" to every volunteer.  Like a cheerleader.  Of course it might have been because I was doing all the heavy lifting and she didn't say it to me.  (OMG if she had--- makes me want to laugh out loud)

Since it was cold yesterday, we had roast turkey, baked sweet potatoes, Stove Top stuffing and cognac infused cranberries left over from last Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving dinner is just the best meal there is, I think, and G agrees.

Now I am taking a shower and putting on my jammies.  Stick a fork in me---I'm done.