Friday, March 16, 2018

New Fabrics To Add

While up in the Attic--not looking for fabric--I was looking for my plastic boxes of embroidery floss-I happened to find these two hand dyed pieces.  Peach and More Peach.  I also have tea dyed squares.
Now I need to clean off my cutting board and cut more squares.  I was going to cut 1.5 (1") inch squares to make a new base--finishing to one inch.  But decided to continue with  the 2.5 (2") inch squares.  The Peach fabrics aren't plant based dyes but they are named after a plant.

I did make a small quilt once with 1.5 (1") inch squares.  But I did the sewing on the machine.

I did find my embroidery floss boxes and used the floss on yesterday's piece. But I also found a large bag of unwound floss.  So day I purchased two new boxes and more paddles.  I'll wind while watching television tonight.

I'm excited to have a few new colors to add to this cloth.  And along with additional colors (tones) I can now think about patterns.

And I am reminded of needing Peach for that one unfinished work---perhaps a solid Peach would work?

Speaking of work--I am working at the greenhouse tomorrow.  All day.  And I am sure my eyes won't like the glare of the bright sun in the glass greenhouse.  I may need to borrow a baseball cap from G.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

What I Did On A Winter Day

I had made this piece for an Art Show Fundraiser and no one wanted to buy it.  Today I made it look like this with embroidery around the flowers--using Deb Lacativa's Magic Thread.

First a line around the outside edges to define the flower shapes.  They sort of got lost.  The flowers are my own hand painted fabric.  Carol, this is the pink I've used up.  In fact, all the colored fabric  but the green and black stripe is hand painted.  By me.

Then, while I watched television coverage of the walking bridge collapse in Miami, I stitched swirls around the flower centers.  Ebb and flow.  Imagining Spring.

I think it didn't sell because it just wasn't finished.  I added three button centers to the flowers (removing the French knots).  Antique buttons.  Faded and dull.  After taking this picture.

I went up into the Attic--but you guessed that!--and found a few little treasures.  This being one.  You'll see the other in the next post.

Snow Dog

When Life brings you snow--it's good to have a dog like Riley.

The light outdoors is very bright.  You could easily go "snow blind".  You can also easily SEE the DUST here in the house--so I think there will be some "housekeeping" today.  I have laundry to do. I have sorting to do.  I have a box to send to Connie.  I need a new coffee maker but am making do with my "fill it yourself" Keurig capsule.  Make do.  How I learned to live from my Grandmother.

Make do.  Use what you have.  Keep it all clean.  Starch all your house dresses and aprons. Make homemade donuts.  Fill Easter Baskets and hide them.  Wrap all presents in white tissue paper. Save everything: brown paper bags, string, cans, jars etc.  Crochet like a genius.  Grow roses.  Always have a vegetable garden.  Pickle any extra vegetables.  Grow peaches and plums.

I used to be a better "grandma" but I gave up the starch and iron a few years ago.  I just recently got two peach trees but gave up on the roses.  I do make a lot of pickles but have never made a homemade donut.  I find frying in oil to be wasteful.  You can't re-use it.  And I do-- save almost everything I think might have a second use.  My collection of Bonne Maman jelly jars is substantial as is the collection of Ball canning jars.  I stopped saving string when Santa brought me a tall cone of fresh new string.  I still fold used wrapping paper and try re-using it.  Especially the pretty papers.

Riley and I dug out the back stoop this morning after breakfast.  Heavy, deep wet snow.  Ugh!  I truly hope this is the end of it.  Open House at the Greenhouse this weekend and I agreed to work all day Saturday.  Last year I must have walked 10 miles.  I remember saying I would never do it again.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

I'll Go With Vincent Today

He may have been "mental" as my Boston friend says, but Vincent is and was magnificent.  The colors themselves are lifting my spirits on this "all white" day here in Maine.  It snowed for over 24 hours.  And it looks like it is still snowing.  We are completely house bound until G can get out there to start clearing the driveway.

I am learning to make coffee in the Keurig.  Packing coffee into the little plastic thingy and then doing 8 ounces and then 4 more to fill my big Polish Pottery mug.  No morning paper.  But the power is on.  My coffee maker gave up on me yesterday morning.  I guess it just lost the will to live. It happens with people, why not appliances?

We are watching "The Alienist".  I am lost.  I am really having trouble following the plot here.  Might have to read the book to figure it out.  Two more episodes.  It's wonderful to just look at though. Dirty and crowded and ugly but beautifully presented.

I spent yesterday traveling with Jude Hill on her Small Journey site.  85 posts with audio and video and all that.  Somewhere along -#60 or so, I reunited with the concept of Page.  I had seen it on a blog post and was quite taken with the concept of a book and pages made of sewn bits of cloth.

I found additional posts (I must have stopped reading her daily posts- or missed these) about "page" and found out what happened next.  I made many notes.  The original "page" was 5 squares by 7 squares.   And----the block I made out of my antique cotton and plant dyed experiments is five blocks by seven blocks.   A memory?  Had I stored that in my brain?

I was very conscious of "needing" to sew more blocks and add more strips and then knew to STOP when I had 5 by 7.  Jude's squares are one inch.  Mine are two inches. (so mine is actually a double wide page) And on her second "page" she stops using matching thread and starts using contrasting thread to sew the squares together.  I used green thread.  Not white.  From the start.  Perhaps I had also seen the second page.

But then I didn't know what to do.  Now I do.  I sent Jude a thank you note via email.

I don't know why I opened that particular file -Small Journeys- and I don't know why I continued to read every entry......for hours...but I am very very glad I did.  Now to cut one inch squares.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Nine Plus One Feather

I have this nine patch with circles up on the wall.  I walk past. I look.  And eventually am bothered by the "too nothing" look of this one circle.  So I added stitch to the outside edge.  Look at it for another week.  Decided on a feather floating.

My choice of color for the new embroidery was determined by the colors already present.  A new color might indicate a "disturbance in the Force".

And that would be one disturbance too many.  Already today my coffee maker decided to stop working.  Why not yesterday when we were out in the Spring weather and I could buy a new one? Why in a snowstorm which could become a blizzard.  And then there is the 2K replacement of the oil tank with the agent coming this morning to tell us that.  Plus, of course, the fees for disassembling the old one and removing it.  And the new tank will have to be in the garage-in plain sight. An unheated garage so it could also freeze in Winter.  I think--she says no.  She suggests kerosene.  A better fuel. And so much more expensive.

I was disagreeable.  Her visit was right after the coffee machine stopped working.  Nothing "sparkly" about me this morning.