Monday, August 20, 2018

Daily Notes- August 20

Slow day yesterday.  August.   Goodwill was quiet.  I found two pairs of vintage LLBean pants.  In a woven pattern.  One red and cream or green and cream.  The same but different color ways.  I guess someone was cleaning out the closet.  One dollar each.  Linen and cotton.  What I liked most--they were well made.  The way LLBean used to be before everything was sent off to Asia to be sewn in sweat shops.

I bought peaches.  They are ripening on the counter.  I also bought local farm raised eggplant.  Peeled and sliced thin (I have excellent knife skills), salted and soon to be dipped in flour, egg, crumbs and fried.  I eat the fried slices cold from the fridge.  I also cut and peeled a very small watermelon.  I have Italian prune plums in a blue and white striped bowl (from another Goodwill Sunday).  My parents and grandparents always had prune plum trees. I was reminded of summer evenings on the front porch swing--eating plums.  My grandmother used them to bake plum kuchen.  It was good.

The chipmunks are eating my tomatoes.  I pull the ruined tomatoes and toss them into the woods.  They can finish eating them out there.  We'll have to cover the plants with netting-- and deal with the chipmunks that get caught in it.  I used to think they were cute.

I must have been feeling emotion-filled yesterday.  My book kept bringing me to tears.  Usually this happens when I feel overwhelmed or am overtired.  The Moon.  I am hoping there is no cloud cover this time.  It's been three months since I've been able to see the full moon.  I have thoughts to share with the Moon--another paper.  It all weighs on me.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Daily Notes- August 19

Riley is standing here.....wanting to be a part of what I am doing.  So a picture of Riley--his muzzle white with the years.  89 pounds.  Down from 98 on his recent Vet visit to have his nails trimmed.  He was trotting out by the tomato boxes this morning--still a handsome gait.  The sweetest dog at 4 months and now at 11 years.  Whatcha doin?

Reading Mary Kay Andrews.  Sweet (makes my teeth ache) Southern books.  Watching Hallmark summer movies (wish they'd let me proof the film before they show it-would that be a job I could apply for?).  Just trying to get thru days of boredom, heat and humidity. Even making and drinking Sweet Tea.  I did live and love in the South for 6 of my formative years as a wife and mother.  Reading these books makes me want to go back.  Live there again. Even though it's humid and oh so hot.

Instead--peaches on sale at the grocery so I will be making a Southern Peach Cobbler later this afternoon.  I did eat a juicy tomato sandwich (over the sink) yesterday for lunch and plan to eat another today, tomorrow and the day after.  I have pulled pork in the freezer if I want a BBQ pork salad.  All these much loved foods---from those 6 years. And biscuits.

What I really am dreaming about is the soft, almost threadbare, flowered summer house dresses of the South.  Like my linen camp shirts but with a skirt.  Bare legs.  Bare feet.  Clothing that floats around your body.

Well, it's Goodwill day.  If only the "boys" here would get on with it.  Pokey.  Slow to wake up and stay awake......G is just finishing his breakfast. At almost half past 11.

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Daily Notes- August 18

A new chair image.  I like it's "welcoming" look with arms open.  There is even a smile there.  Shy, perhaps. I am always on the look out for a chair that has something to say.

I'll be drawing this one in to my sketchbook.  I just wish I could post drawn pictures here.  But now I don't even have my phone anymore.  It's with my daughter because  she needed it for work--having lost her company provided phone.

Anyway.  I guess it rained pretty good over night.  And we are getting a bit of broken sunshine on the south side of the house.   Found three "too Big" cucumbers on my plants.  One ripe enough tomato. The #4 and #5 tomatoes have very large green tomatoes on them---Cherokee and Rose something.  Heirloom tomatoes from my friend Allie.  She tags them by number not name so she can re-use the tags from year to year.  I also have several #6's--Snow White cherry tomatoes.

We just got offered two more tickets to Singing In The Rain.  For Wednesday.  You can't make up this stuff!!!  The Universe is sending us a message.  Start Singing!!

Maine PBS is running another week of endless "send us money and we'll send you crappy books and CD's" and so we'll not be watching any PBS--again for the next 7 to 10 days.  Amazon Prime has everything PBS shows--right now 24/7/365.  It might be time for us to go there.

Friday, August 17, 2018

Daily Notes- August 17

A Truly Wonder-Filled Day, yesterday.  They come along so rarely.  To be treasured.

A Bank sponsored cocktail party and then tickets to a performance of Singing In The Rain at our local (and quite famously popular) Music Theater.  I love Singing in the Rain and this was really, really good.  And the cocktail party (I never enjoy them) was FUN!!!  Could have been the huge, strong drink I had--but if that's the route to an amazing evening and no hangover--- I'm all in.

Best part we have our own season's tickets for Singing In The Rain for next Tuesday.  (!!!!!!!)

I am staying close to the dog today.  He was alone from 5pm to almost 11 pm yesterday needs close comfort today.  I don't mind.  He usually just sleeps with his head on my feet. Waking only if I move.

The Tomato Plants have decided it's now Tomato Time.  I bring in 3 to 4 each day.  Still not many of the Snow White Cherry tomatoes that I love--- I have five plants our there.  And the Sungold cherry tomatoes that make a great roasted tomato sauce for pasta.  The next 10 days or 2 weeks should be prime Tomato Eating Time.

My green peppers are getting really large.  Still haven't changed over to red or orange.

My plant based dye-ing went very well.  I have an additional 8 half yards to use in my "squares". I have been considering either wall art or useable blanket.  Time will tell.  I know the work is good because I enjoy just looking at the work and running my fingers over it.  The ones I like to touch are the good ones.  And I find myself running finger tips over the pile of new plant dyed fabric also.

A good place right now.  To be treasured.  Remembered.
I think, someday when I am old and not able to do much of anything, I will sit with these squares and run my fingers over the cloth, the stitches, the seams.  And feel good about my Life.