Wednesday, January 18, 2017

ACCESS Is Not COVERAGE In Health Care Wars

Listen Up.  ACCESS just means it's possible for you to sign up and PAY for coverage at top rates you can't afford.  BUT, they made it possible for you to APPLY.  And get the BILL.

COVERAGE is what the Affordable Care Act makes possible.  COVERAGE no matter what illnesses you have, no money, poverty etc etc. COVERAGE PAYS THE DOCTOR AND THE BILLS.   ACCESS means YOU BUY A POLICY YOURSELF.

Little slips of paper that Congressman Ryan wants to print by the millions are just that little slips of paper aka "vouchers" that give you 10%  (as an example) off the 20K price tag for an insurance policy (just an example) if you qualify for a policy--and you might not qualify for any kind of policy. the Republicans are playing with words and hope you won't notice.  NOTICE !!!!!!

So every time you hear or read the words ACCESS  in combination with  NEW HEALTH CARE  POLICIES know that you are being taken for an uneducated sucker by the Congress. Well, a certain portion of the Congress.

This will be the extent of my political opinions on this blog.  Health care and COVERAGE  by insurance means survival for a lot of us.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Everything In Black and White

In winter life reduces to Black and White.  There is no color.  And with shorter days- by 3 pm well, stick a fork in it...the day is done.

I am making G another in an endless round of chicken soups.  What shall I make myself?  There are a number of bags of dry things in the pantry--one of black eyed peas and a number of different grains--- and always onions, celery and carrots.  With that trio of veggies--soup is always possible.

I would usually make lentil soup.  But I think, now, that it doesn't agree with me.  The split pea gave me acid reflux.  I don't have any cabbage or potato for a vegetable soup.

I liked the acupuncture.  One of the needles tingled when it went in--an area in need of work.  I didn't like the music.  But then my friend who goes often said she didn't like it either.  But it was very warm.  I think with better music I may have been able to relax more and even fall asleep.  She asked about my very cold hands and feet.  I replied honestly.  I was born with cold hands and feet and its still that way.  My mother made it seem like I had cold hands and feet as a baby to make her life difficult.  Or make her feel incapable of keeping a baby warm.  It was always my fault.  Heavy burden for an infant to carry.  I would have just pulled the sleeve of whatever baby was wearing over her hands.

All through the month of January there is community acupuncture at this practice.  From 4 to 7. And it's $10.  So, I think I will be going back for the remaining two Mondays in January.  I feel less restless.  More at peace with myself.  A good thing.  Even with ice cold hands.

Monday, January 16, 2017

I Have Lots Of Stuff--And Just Found It Again.

Today is my first time experiencing acupuncture.  I have been thinking about what I will say are my problems.  My rash (allergies) and my weight.  I can also mention asthma.

The above photo is from the 24 days of Christmas List someone posted online.  This is how I store all my embroidery thread.  It is how.  Past tense.  Now.... I have been collecting (at one dollar a bag) bags full of skeins from Goodwill which are still bagged up.  I am putting more of the little plastic squares on today's shopping list so I can wind up colors/shades that aren't already represented in the storage boxes.

I remember all the time it took to label and wind the thread and put it into color order.  I loved how the finished product looked.  Still looks--as the boxes are packed and ready for use.

So much easier to cut and use when they are wrapped.

Jude Hill has a large basket of loose embroidery threads for her hand sewing.  I've seen it and she must have patience or good luck--in getting one thread out and not a great knotted group. Perhaps she found a good way of cutting the skein so the threads are in a usable length?

I found my storage container of solid cottons.  I have a good selection.  Who knew?????? Now I can stop looking at the Kona at JoAnn's.  Terrible colors.

I also found my felt and wool fabric container.  I have plenty of that as well. Can stop looking for some to buy.  I remembered when I shopped at Goodwill looking for "wool".  Cut up a number of skirts.

I also have beige, white, light blue and black linen pieces.  And the black gauze I bleached.  It bleached white and no black since has bleached white.  I only get a rusty orange.

I found the canvas I bought years ago to stretch for painting.  I have lots of pieces of stretchers to use to built squares and rectangles.

I'm a regular renaissance girl when it comes to art supplies.

The job furlough is going well.  I'm not sleeping until noon like G. I get up and start doing stuff" up in the attic or in the sewing room, looking for things.  Reading books.  Really doing that in a most excellent way.  Like a book a day.  Finished Inger Ash Wolfe's Night Bell and now ready Tana French's Trespasser.  Read the only two Longmire books our library had and need to order a few more from other libraries today.  They read fast and are exactly like the Netflix series.

Finally took the Christmas Tree down.  G had stopped watering it.  I guess he wanted to make sure it would leave the house.  And part of two strings of lights had gone out.  I got three or four dustpans of dry needles for the compost bucket and two big bags of branches for the compost piles.  I cut all the branches off while it's still in the house/in the stand.  I miss it already.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Thinking About Stitch Making Marks

Judy's Journal has a post today on Dorothy Caldwell.  I don't have permission to post any of her pictures but I suggest you go there to see them.  I have a lot of Dorothy's work in my Pinterest file. I somehow thought she was a painter but now I see ...well she paints with thread and fabric.  Perhaps the piece above from my picture file is one of hers.

I think, when I "make art" that I over think the work.  I see in the post today (Judy's Journal) that one part is dying and printing the fabric and then the second part is layering on the fabric and then the stitches.  I keep thinking I need more supplies.  I need nothing I don't already have.

I just need to begin.  And do the work.