Saturday, March 24, 2018


I've been reading over at Spirit Cloth for a few weeks--maybe even a few months.  Nine.  Nine pieces sewn together.  Nine Patch.  Here's my first success.  It may not be much, but it was hard earned.  So many failures before this.  Still, there are things I wish were different and I might unsew and correct until I am happy.

Some of the antique white.  Some tea dyed.  Some peach.  Everything else is second side up.  Fabric has two sides.  I'm using the second side.  Already faded, worn and softer.  This square is six inches  finished.  The path is made of three 1 inch squares finished.

My plan is to now make a five inch by seven inch "page" containing 35 squares hand sewn together.

But right this minute--I have a nine patch.  With a house.  With a square moon.  And a garden.  Perhaps it's a moon garden. Yes.  A Moon Garden House.

The nine patch means quite a bit to me.  Born in the 9th month.

Now I need to add another fabric to the back and "quilt" or sew this nine to another, larger nine.

I just wanted you to see it.

Egg Collection Memories

I was reminded that Easter is closer than I thought.  Daughter is working at the Chocolate Factory and they are making bunnies out of all kinds of chocolate and shipping to everywhere.

Here at my house--no bunnies of any kind.  Well, Riley has a bunny in his pile of toys. Bun Bun.

But I do have eggs.  Top left- Russian.  Middle left- German.  Lower left- Hungarian.   Top right- mine.  Inked in Germany.  Middle right- the library egg with dyes and wax.  Lower right- another German egg.  All purchased or made in their countries of origin.

When I lived in Germany, I volunteered to do many jobs for the American Women's Club.  I was even elected President to everyone's amazement (I wasn't one of the popular crowd).  But long before that, I was Chairwoman Of Activities.  Which covered a great deal of territory. In order to have some fun and raise a bit of cash for different underfunded activities, I organized a monthly raffle of sorts (with donated prizes) at our monthly luncheon.  One very popular raffle prize was two small  black baskets filled with tan packing fiber and three of the black, tan and white eggs I had drawn on and inked, nesting in the fiber.

The most amazing thing about the luncheon raffles (lunch was held at some VERY fine hotels) was that the wait staff asked to buy tickets.  And a few times they won prizes and were so thrilled it brought tears to my eyes.  I get emotional.  As I called out the winning ticket numbers - the holders then got to pick a prize from the table--any prize they wanted.  Anyway--the baskets of eggs were the first things to go.

It was nice to be reminded of those times so distant now.  And to give the eggs a nice wash and dry.

Friday, March 23, 2018


From Art Propelled.

There is a book somewhere in this house.  With little bits of things glued to other little bits of things.  Like this.  The image reminded me of my past.  Whenever I find those books...... I look and wonder who made them.  Was it me?  Really?  Why did I stop?

I am like an artistic version of a snake.  Shedding my skin.  Starting over.  Re-inventing myself.

I may just go backward again.  Stop trying forward.  Backward has so many things to offer.  And isn't that what happens as we grow older?  We look back.  But, of course, we can never actually go back.

It happens when I re-read my posts here.  Who is this Joanne from 10 years ago?  What happened to her?  Life happened, I guess.

The gardening and the greenhouse work sapped my energy.  I was too tired to do much of anything after taking a shower.  Well, now I have the Time, let's hope I have the Energy.

Today, I have way too many onion skins saved-so I will steam dye more yellow cloth.  And the used tea bags as well.  Tea stained  dirty beige cloth perhaps with some rusted items.  Circles.  Deb has sent me blue cloth.  I am so thankful to have found her.  Not just for the blue cloth but for the words she writes.  And then there is Grace.  And Jude.  And Connie.  And Gretchen.  And Sandra.

Enjoy the day.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

The Moon, The Moon

From Croatia by way of  Art Propelled

What is it that is so compelling for me?  I see this image of the Moon and I had to transfer it to my picture file.  Show it to you.  Stare at the Moon.  I think the Moon is in my House of Relationships right now.

It was snowing, wet flakes, while I drove to the dentist, had my teeth cleaned and then drove home. Now that I am isn't snowing.  Nothing is sticking.  It's too warm out there I think.

I am reading Christmas at Tiffany's "three cities, three seasons, one chance to find a life that fits". Has about three pages to do with Tiffany's.  I had read a second book by this author--The Paris Letter-- and wanted to see if she had written anything else.  Yes, and I am truly, deeply and happily reading her first book.  I am terribly sad to see it ending.  I have 20% to go.  And I think I will order and buy this book to read whenever I feel the need.

I would have passed the book by just with the title and the cover.  What were they thinking?

I made my second recipe card soup yesterday.  I followed the directions exactly and it's lovely.  Garden Vegetable Soup.  Bacon, onions, carrots, celery, potato, cabbage, tomatoes, red pepper flakes. And of course water.  I had three bowls yesterday.  And I cleaned out a lot of the veg in the produce drawer.  Long ago, I made it often and followed the recipe amounts and directions.  Then I started adding more of this and less of that and then, of course, the soup wasn't as delicious.  The card says you can add green beans.  I am crossing that edit off the card.  This recipe gets a nice sparkly stick on STAR.

Well, I wrote some things and deleted them.  Over sharing.  Till tomorrow.  Be good!

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Winter Will Never End

This small piece is not blurry.  It's so wispy and fragile that just breathing on it moves the fabric.  For the very first time in my quilting, fabric art, etc history I am working with the very tender-ist of fabrics.  That blue sky bit is filmy, floating there.  The largest (ha) bit was in one of Deb Lacativa's packages of Dyeworks Goodness.  The piece in the middle edge of the left side is a bit of my own painted fabric.  I'm channeling a Fragile Spring.

I added squares to all four sides of the hands-on patchwork base.  I have been "hand-pressing" it to settle the seams but might think about the iron just to see what happens.  Right now it has that rumpled, just got out of bed look.

Tomb Raider is what we saw at the movies yesterday.  Not that good. Angelica was better.  I'm thinking special effects ruin these movies.  More effort spent on them than the story or characters. I saw nothing in the previews that interested me.  And nothing that is "Now Playing" that we wanted to see.  There is a "heist" movie with Sandra Bullock--very Ocean's Eleven and a StarWars--Solo movie coming in the months ahead.  By then I will probably forget.  All is video game movies and violence.

We watched two episodes of the new season of Jessica Jones on Netflix.  Ugh.  I remember really enjoying the first season.  Too comic book.

Snow starting today.  Melting tomorrow, I hope, as I have a dentist appointment at 10am.