Monday, June 18, 2018

Happiness in about 60 days

Right now things are still in pots.  And some little animals of the night have come and feasted on my seed trays.  So.........I had to surrender and go into work to pick up 3 little pots of yellow squash,  3 zucchini and 3 pickling cukes.  Already up and ready to go.  And they looked great.

The "college girls" (how I love them) now know I have a blog and promised to come visit. Hey, Girls!!!   Work is slow and they are all bored--just like I used to be.

And--I surprised G and went and pumped my own gas.  It was a bit confusing and I may have pressed buttons I shouldn't have...but I got gas.  The other purchasers of gas were all men and then were giving me looks like "should I go over and offer assistance?"  But then we were all smiles as the gas went into the tank.  Finally.

I also went to the grocery and they actually had--pushed way back on the shelf--the chunk of Boston Butt I needed to make crock pot pulled pork.  And it was almost free.  Five dollars. I also got frozen burgers so we can have grilled burgers for supper.  It's going to be wonderful this week.  Good things to eat.

My grocery also had Persian cukes on sale and I think I will be making cucumber, lemon, mint water to drink on hot days--coming up. G got the big AC unit into the window in the dining room and that cools off the entire house, pretty much.  Kitchen, living room, dining room and hall.  We have another small one for the bedroom but it required too much work and he was already worn out.

That's it.  I am going to sit here at the desk to keep the dog from wandering around.  Would be nice if Riley took a nap.  The hot, muggy air makes it hard for him to breathe.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Happiness Would Be... Owning these black shoes and those socks!!

Here from Food 52.   The shoes and the socks.  The rolled cuff jeans.  Love.  Love.  Love.

Have a wonderful Father's Day!!!

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Happiness is....Summer Colored Squares

Yummy melon pinks and golden yellow.  Any day now the Native Strawberry Stand will be set up along the Road.  The Road I travel any time I want to go from home to anywhere else.  The two gals (and grandchildren) set up a table and chairs and the umbrella.  Selling baskets of ruby red berries that they all picked that morning.  They read, do crafts or just sit and talk. I asked and they joyfully admitted to looking forward to the lazy afternoons under the umbrella by the roadside.  Living slow.

I splurged on a bag of sweet dark cherries at the grocery.  $13.  G and I will enjoy them later in the afternoon in white bowls while sitting under the fan.  It's going to be HOT today.  Finally. And I also have a small basketball sized watermelon chilling in the fridge. Aqua Fresca.

Yesterday afternoon I made a big pot of sausage and mushroom marinara for G.  It was so chilly in the house I had a long Winter sweater on over my summer shirt.  And then this morning, hot sunshine.  Good thing I didn't make a big pot of soup also.  How quickly the weather changes.

We have stopped watching the NEWS completely.  It all makes me cry.  Actually, sob.  And then to listen to  Jeff Sessions.  What has happened to America?  What happened to "give us your tired and poor"? Immigrants built America and made it great.  Not rich white men.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Happiness Is.... A New Chair And Chopped Salad

This chair model is from a magazine layout.  So, only this view of the chair and not it's whole self. I like the legs.  Because I think I got them right.

Yesterday was a sort of chilly and rainy day.  I should have had a sweater with me for the quick visit to the grocery.  I forget how cold they keep it in the summer.  I needed supplies for my "chopped salads".   I try and have one every day or at least every other day.  I haven't begun to make smoothies yet.  Needs to be hot summer for them.   I got a yellow bell pepper (red last time), more radishes, 2 apples, a bag of carrots and two scoops of raw pecans at the bulk section. I know a real chopped salad includes cheese and meat.  But I don't really want to go that way.  I may add more seeds (pumpkin) and dried fruit (cranberries) to the mix as time goes on.  And, as much as I hate the thought--I may dice up a fresh from the garden summer squash or some cherry tomatoes as Summer heats up.  I think they will make the salad less crunchy and more mushy.  We'll find out.

The Tomato and Pepper seedling wagon is looking very good.  Covered in pollen but everything is right now and staying outside overnight for the past few days to harden off.  I started two flats of seeds for squash (three kinds), cucumbers and something else.  Can't remember what and don't want to walk out to the tent to look.

I also can't believe it's Friday.  The entire week has just whooshed past like a freight train. G has had a number of doctor's appointments.  That's about it.