Saturday, August 27, 2016

Elimination Diet- Peach Smoothie

I  purchased three large peaches.  And they are ripe and juicy.  Freestone like the image above.  I had planned to eat them--just like that.  But decided to try a smoothie.

I checked out the recipes on line and found one, with a comment from someone who registered on the site to just be able to comment on the peach smoothie---- he liked it that much.  That was impressive.I won't register on a site, no matter how much I like something.

I have a Vitamix so if you try this with any other blender--your results might be different.

One large peach.  Remove pit but leave on peel.  One frozen banana.  I wrap ripe bananas in foil and stick them in the freezer.  One half cup raw cashews.  (you may need to presoak them- I didn't have to)  One big handful of frozen blueberries for sweetening.  4 ounces of vanilla yogurt.  I think I also added some water.  More than ½ a cup.  Turned on the Vitamix and let her rip.

I usually open the lid up and stir with a spoon and taste.  See if it's too sour, too green--whatever and then try and add something to make it taste okay.  This tasted okay.

I divide the smoothie into Working Jars from Crate & Barrel.  They come with lids.  I wasn't going to actually drink the smoothie until this morning so I poured, capped and put them in the fridge.  Still thick and smooth this morning.  And delicious.  I will be blending up the last peach later today.

And then I might go looking for more peaches.

Friday, August 26, 2016

The Summer of Food Adventures--- On An Elimination Diet

First time to ever have a Larabar.  The Apple Pie one was delicious.  I also found the sites that show me how to "make my own" bars.  I will be looking for dry apple slices at the health food store. I purchased the Carrot Cake bar.  For tomorrow.

The other first was Smoothies.  I'm never sure about making them without a recipe.  And the recipes I've tried--no matter how stupid they look to me---have turned out to be very tasty.  I even said "yum" while tasting one of the recipe smoothies.  I think it was a pineapple, kale, red berry one.

Well, I'm off the look for a peach smoothie recipe.  And for turmeric sauerkraut--- it ferments in a jar and needs to be burped.  Probiotic.

I may even soak some raw cashews and make ........well, I'm not sure what I will make.  A creamy cashew smoothie?  Cashew cheese?  Or the Cashew Cookie Larabar?

Still August: New Chair Picture

I just love finding a new chair picture.  This one looks cozy--like a big yellow hug!  I wish it had a higher back so I could rest my head.  My head must be very heavy--my neck gets tired holding it up!

A sheet pan of tomatoes is roasting in the oven.  Cherry tomatoes.  I think, pretty soon, I will have all 102 tomatoes here in the house waiting for someone to eat them, roast them or ?????  I am trying not to have to compost them.  I am also bringing in the very last of the cucumbers and zucchini.  The plants got tired.  Which is okay with me. My favorite way of eating tomatoes--not possible now--was on white bread with heaps of mayo.  And with pasta.  Not possible unless I try brown rice pasta.

The zucchini butter recipe is the BEST!.  I am enjoying it on non-wheat toast or mixed into reheated white rice. Seems that the white rice is better for me than the brown.  How odd.

The grocery has chicken tenders (fried and breaded and sometimes with BBQ sauce) which I have been eating with no reaction (shocked!!).  I don't like meat as a rule --pot roast I love, sliced deli ham, and ground beef fried to cinders-- but anything "juicy" makes me gag.  Getting enough protein is a real problem.  No eggs or soy due to reactions. Anyway, I load up on the day old boxes of tenders and eat them cold with the rice and zucchini butter or with my "big salad" of romaine, carrots, red onion, red cabbage.  And of course, Smoothies.   I may need to make another 5 pounds of meatballs.  They were non-reactive.

And fruit.  Red plums and peaches right now.  My raspberry bushes are getting ready for the late September berries.  I see lots of little baby berries- still hard and very green.

I long for the old days of bran flakes and soy milk.  Of yogurt and fruit.  But I do not miss the pounds of inflammation.  I can almost always see the bones in my ankles now.

Well, I have things to do.  Wash in the washer.  Clothes in the dryer.  A wet, tired (from his walk in the woods) dog has pushed his way under the desk where I am sitting--so he will be "notified" of any movement on my part while he sleeps.  I will miss this when I return to work.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Visible Results Of Elimination Diet

The scale at home and certainly not the one in the doctor's office don't show the changes the detox and elimination of inflammatory foods have had on my body.

Well, I went into work today and a co-worker was all "OMG, look at you!!!" and I felt much better about the rash and the food diet.

I am now the same weight I was at the beginning of August.  No weight loss.  But I am certainly taking up less space, wearing smaller sized clothing and having less aches, pains and acid reflux. I also found some Lara bars that have all of the things I can eat and none of the things I can't.  I know there are "homemade "lara" bars recipes on the internet.  So, I am going to see what I can find.

Which one to eat first.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

More Zoodles & Smoothies

I love the chewy texture of these Zoodles if I allow them to dry for at least 24 hours after cutting and before eating.  The ones I spiral cut today will be eaten tomorrow.

Today I am drinking Smoothies.  The one I just finished was pineapple, strawberry, frozen banana, kale and 4 ounces of Noosa vanilla yogurt (not Greek).  I roasted some beets from the garden and will be tossing a cooked beet into the next Smoothie.  Possibly pineapple, beet, frozen cherries and kale.

I also pulled some carrots.  They are growing long.  Impressive.  As I hadn't thought the soil was loose enough to grow long carrots.  But.....some of the nicest carrots have been nibbled (underground) by chipmunks.   I don't want to start trapping the rodents.  What to do with them after they are in the trap?  We trap them at work.  Then an employee takes them for a ride in the car and lets them out.  We have discussed marking them some way so we can see if they find their way back.  When we had a cat at work----well, the only chipmunks we ever saw were the dead ones.

So, the counters are filled with ripe tomatoes, a few zucchini, quite a few cucumbers (I found a cucumber/blueberry smoothie recipe) and the now ripe avocados are in the fridge where they stay perfect for 5 to 7 days.  I like an avocado in a green smoothie to give it a creamy texture.

Look at me--discussing the merits of Smoothies.  Who is this person????

The eye itch and rash (eczema ?) is still bothering me.  It really bothers me right after I wake up, but before my allergy pills take effect.  Then bothers me again after 9 pm.  I also have a bumpy rash around my neck.  All this reminds me of my youngest brother.  His eczema was so bad that the skin around his neck and in the crease of his arms and back of knees was raw.  Of course my mother let him eat anything he wanted.  How odd that I am just now developing it?

If there is any good news (other than the carrots), it's that overnight I lost 3.5 pounds.  Inflammation and reaction to allergens.  Peaches were new to the diet.  Supposedly safe.

I made another batch of rice flour banana muffins.   This recipe uses coconut oil, coconut sugar, no eggs.  I don't know what I would do without them.  If any readers out there need a recipe for a baked good for someone who can't have eggs, wheat, dairy or cane sugar--- let me know and I will send it to you.

I had started watching Thirteen (BBC) on Xfinity (comcast) and it seems like midway thru my watching Amazon bought the rights.  So......I watched three out of five episodes and now have no idea how the damned thing ends.