Monday, July 19, 2010

Summer Geraniums

I overwintered three and bought two more to fill this basket. They are doing very well and I try and remember to water regularly. These "ivy" geraniums are weaker and get all kinds of insect damage and diseases. Not my favorites but the colors are divine. This year we had the most gob smackingly gorgeous red. No orange undertones at all. Pure. Red. Maybe next year?

We were off line for almost two full days. I was having internet withdrawal. This morning I ate my breakfast staring at the blank screen. No weather report. So, I didn't know how much or how little to wear to work. I ended up tearing a few inches off the bottom of a green work tee (at work) in order to shorten it get some air circulation. Tomorrow, a white sleeveless tee. The boss is taking a few days off (and the mice will play).

We have a recently pregnant 22 year old at work. She got very drunk a few months ago and drunk dialed an old boyfriend and now they are going to be parents. Her midwife is giving her lots of fascinating info. Today she cried because "someone" had washed the sink with bleach (it was nasty) and now she couldn't enter the breakroom or even use the bathroom. No cleaning supplies for the full 9 months. No "bleech" on the sign she taped up. Do the schools even try to teach spelling? She wants us to stop cleaning the public restrooms. Can you all say "hell no" with me? And don't get her started on bologna.

And we are ordering a "Japanise bettel" trap for a customer. This is the recent high school graduate who will be attending college in a few months.

These young adults are on the high trapeze without a safety net and it is so damned depressing to watch them make uninformed decisions. Where are their parents? And on the other side a 30 something is struggling to help her mom pay for mom's cancer drugs. $400 for 3 pills to help mom not be so sick after each chemo treatment (4 already). Mom is 72 and on Medicare. And needs to feel better so she can go to work. Does it get sadder than that????

Okay, so I am feeling pretty thankful for our good health, bank accounts, relative intelligence, ability to spell, and insurance coverage. G and I both have doctor's appointments on Thursday. Let's hope they are uneventful. I am also thankful g got us back online. I was getting "twitchy".


paula, the quilter said...

I was wondering why we hadn't heard from you. Now I know. Or should I say, now I no. *smile* I cringe at poor grammar and spelling.

Diane N said...

Glad you're back.

Also glad to know I'm not the only one who cringes at the spelling errors so commonplace in today's world.

A couple weeks ago our weekly paper, in describing the girls' softball team, headlined the following: (I'm not printing the name of the town or the team name.)

"Lady P------s loose yet again."

That's probably why they can't win. All their energy is going elsewhere.

Annie said...

Oh, my, my, so sad the slacking of the education system today.
And that poor pregnant girl and the misinformation she is receiving!

I hope I spelled everything correctly and used proper grammar.

Glad you're back,

: )