Wednesday, July 14, 2010

It Rained Last Night

I won't be needing the watering can today. Riley is behaving badly, barking. I think he is learning about barking at day care. Just like small children going to school learn behaviours that aren't something parents enjoy. I don't mind him barking at the back door when he is done doing whatever he does out there. I sometimes forget he is outside and a few barks remind me to let him back inside. But running around inside the house barking isn't something I appreciate.

I am slowly waking up. My blood seems to be moving like thick molasses this morning. I slept well and awoke rested but I'm not full of energy today (so far). No blog posts to read, no comments, no interesting news in the "top stories" section of my Google page, no email. Which is a bummer in the summer. It means everyone is out doing interesting things.

I don't see many interesting things happening during my day today. I am tempted to clear off a surface, somewhere, and paint fabric today. I had wanted to ask G to help me set up sawhorses and an old door for a painting work surface in the garage or out on the driveway. But I forgot and he looked tired yesterday (and cranky). Clearing a space in my workroom is self defeating as the amount of cleaning up involved will take all the time I have for the painting itself. Yes, It would be clean for the next painting opportunity, I hear you saying, but then I will feel terrible about not being able to go and paint.

I have carpet vacuuming to do this morning. Then a visit to the library and hopefully a book for ME to read. G has an unending supply of books waiting. I admit to not liking most books. People recommend stuff and I really hate the books. Of course, "people" wouldn't read what I like. So when I find an author that writes a book (a sentence, a paragraph) that I enjoy reading, then I am over the moon happy. So vacuum and library.

Yesterday a co worker cleaned the lunchroom and bathrooms at work. It smelled bleached.
The walls were washed. The window sills spotless. The sink was shiny. The tablecloth wasn't sticky. There were less flies. Lovely. I thought about what a pleasure it would be if when I walked into my house, I was greeted by that same bleach smell and clean surfaces. I should mention that, at work, when someone cleans the lunchroom, they throw away everything that looks "passed expiration". And that adds to the wonderfulness. An empty, bleached clean, slate, so to to speak. A stranger in my house would throw away so many things that I can't seem to get rid of. My refrigerator is a regular freak show inside.

I have enough zucchini to make a half recipe of pickles. I just need a few jalapenos. Do I want to get the canner out and all that mess? This is when a cool, dark basement with a sink and stove would be very nice to have.

I also have to make something to eat for dinner tonight. G wants pizza. I'm thinking a nice cold glass of beer would be nice with the pizza. I need olives, cheese and mushrooms. And beer.

Watched White Collar last night (snore) and the Covert Affairs (snore) premier. Our new little spy "traveled all over the world" for years on whose dime? She lives with her sister. Over the top wealthy if the "dinner party" was any indication. Large platters of food. Catered?? And tons of wine. Fantasy life and now a Spy for the CIA. Not as good as Alias. And the mystery boyfriend, the real reason she was hired as a new spy, isn't that handsome or dangerous. I give it a 3 out of 10. I did guess she would go back into the hotel for the $850 Leboutin shoes. Red soles. So Sex in the City. And G and I wonder if our little spy is wearing foam butt enhancement under the pencil skirts. What did you think?

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