Thursday, March 09, 2017

The More Things Change

When did canning jars become the vessel of choice for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

So many articles and internet posts about breakfast in a jar.  Usually uncooked oats soaking up yogurt and then topped with fruit.  I take my smoothie to work in Crate & Barrel Working Glasses.  The 10 ounce ones with the plastic lids.  Red ones.  I never got "into" taking a canning jar to work. I also don't layer yogurt in a canning jar.  I could.  I don't.  Now lunch in a jar.

My eyes are itching today.  I had yogurt yesterday.  I had wheat yesterday.

Today I have almost 3 pounds of chicken breasts to poach in a stock which includes turmeric, ginger and one large organic onion with the skin still on it.  Lots of turmeric.  So the stock will be bright golden orange.  The chicken comes out at one hour and the bones and skin goes back into the broth for another two hours.  It's "trendy" to call this "bone broth".  I call it soup.  I don't think I am at all comfortable with the trendy hipster lifestyle.  I like the way it looks.  But I don't like the way it goes about daily life. Too self absorbed.

Anyway.  My Acupuncturist (yes, I have one) feels that the ginger turmeric broth will be wonderful for my inner health.  And, hopefully, my itchy eyes.

I did very little in the way of preparation for my 90 minute class at the library yesterday.  Amazingly. It went very well and was well received.  What can I say?  I am "alive" in front of a crowd.

I shunned attention and would go mute if called on in class all thru middle and high school.  If any fellow classmates saw me yesterday before a crowd of 45 strangers--they would swear it wasn't me. I have changed so much in 53 years.  If "this" current me was the one who went to Rhodes High in the early 60's---I would have been class president.  I might even have eventually run for mayor of Cleveland.  But I wasn't and I didn't.

Yesterday it was a balmy 50.  Today it's snowing, wind blowing and cold.  I go back to work on Monday, I think.  But I have a dentist appointment at 12:40.  Kind of messes up the day for work? I need to call my boss before the schedule is posted.  Nothing like "calling out" on the first day back.

Today's Purchase:  Perhaps some tea bags.

Today's Chores:  Most of the stuff that was in the sewing closet is now upstairs.  But some is still on the floor waiting to be sorted.  I have a large stack of printed fabric--pillow cover (upholstery) weight-- which was going to Goodwill.  But now I am wondering if some might not be used to make  very cute floral grocery tote bags. The watercolor supplies are still not packed up.  I am thinking I will be needing them.  It's something that keeps "tickling" at the back of my sub conscience.

Today's Cooking: The Turmeric/Ginger/Chicken broth.  And later the chicken in a salad. I think I should also make a second pot of chicken soup for G.  Minus the ginger and turmeric.

Today's Reading:  I have nothing to read.  Which is a very sad state of affairs.  I filled an entire recycle container with old magazines.  Mostly Quilting Arts and Paper & Cloth.  Years worth. And I got rid of Vegetarian Times or some such.  Plus Cooking Light.  I am shedding paper.

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