Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Packing, Sorting & Carrying Things Up The Stairs

I am taking a break.  Eating some yogurt.  Taking deep breaths.

I carried three, four, five? large Sterilite tubs packed with fabric, yarns, etc up the stairs to the attic.  I also carried up a pile of quilts, comforters, curtains, unpainted stretched canvas, boards, papers--things that are/were stored in the closet of the room I called "the sewing room".  Many trips.

The watercolor supplies are still downstairs. I have another three or four boxes to pack up.  And the closet still looks pretty full. G carried seven packed boxes up last night.

I spent "resting time" trying to get the cassette player to play the long lost 60's tapes.  I REALLY wanted to listen to them while I worked because I was very happy to have found them.  Very frustrated.  None of the buttons are labeled.  And the machine just kept displaying (no disc) no matter what buttons I pushed. sigh.  I did not throw it into the Goodwill box.  I wanted to.

Yesterday I emptied the 2 drawer file cabinet and today G took it to a friend for her office.  I also emptied a five or six shelf bookcase that I hope my daughter will want for her house---she has lots and lots of books.  And I have almost finished emptying the chest on chest dining room dresser (50"s maple) that held all my art supplies.  Paints, glues, gesso, dyes etc.  The ink bottles are still on the bottom shelf waiting to go. I still have Ikea cabinets to empty plus the bookcases on top.

I am not just moving all that I find.  I am looking at each thing and seeing if it "sparks joy" or makes me feel burdened, sad, angry or just unhappy.  Those things are going to new homes via Goodwill.

I did find a nice collection of unused greeting cards, my Hello Kitty collection of dolls (so cute), a couple bags of wool yarn I thought I had lost,  my square 1930's pincushion I thought was gone for good,  two almost finished primitive Raggedy Anne appliqués I was working on years ago, Mardi  Gras beads in green and purple (late) along with an order form for a King cake, and a number of other things that made me say "oh, there you are" and then "did I even miss you?".

Last night while not watching "the speech", I sorted thru a bin of papers.  I tear out things that interest me and then forget about them. A large number of images will be used on my journal pages.  I had some really terrific things saved up.  I still have a pile about 30 inches tall to go thru. The recycle bin is half full already.

Teaching two sessions of Seed Starting at work on Saturday.  Found my class notes in the seed starting bin.  So that's a relief. thought I had lost them.  Probably going back to work (on the schedule) the week of the 13th.  The Winter seemed long and now that I am going back--it seems too short.

Well, recess is over--time to get back to cleaning and carrying.  I would give anything for a cheeseburger followed by ice cream.

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