Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Well, so far, it's just blowing snow.  Not the ice that New York is having.  I have work to do in the second bedroom--my goal for a very long day---an empty room.  Seems impossible.

I also have loads of laundry to do as I clean and pack.

I read about used teabags being a good thing to put into the fridge to absorb odors.  It works. I have them in a small bowl.

Watched PBS (I detest the fund raising weeks--yes, weeks of those crappy infomercial book/CD sellers-- ugh!  Each time I think bad thoughts about Public TV and pledge to NEVER send them money.  Last night--Hamilton.  So I alternated--watching and hitting mute during the long "please send money" portions.   I have watched PBS for ever.  The do sell commercial space and it's enough to pay for most programing.  The Viking River Cruises.   Ralph Lauren.  Home Insurance Commercial.  The exact same ones we see on regular network programing.

End of rant.  On to packing.

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