Saturday, March 11, 2017

Adding Another Hour Of Light To Each Day

I was asking G which "time" is the actual real one.  Daylight Savings or the Dark Days?

Daughter came and carried off several pieces of furniture from the Sewing Room. The Room is in CHAOS.  As I told daughter, it's not hard to pack stuff in boxes--the hard part is being able to find the stuff you packed away.  And it might be necessary to be able to find things like the watercolor brushes.  Or the embroidery thread.  Or the solid color cottons.  Or the bobbins. Or a replacement button.

I have discovered a pile of note pads.  Scotch tape rolls (and I bought some as I thought they were all used up), the Chinese currency and coins a Library Patron brought back from a visit to China for my Mao quilt (all of it has Mao's portrait on it).  I hadn't been able to find them for over 15 years.  Right there in the drawer under a bunch of magazine clippings I never refer to. And school photos of me in Junior High.  Terrible hair cut.

The floor in the sewing room is heaped with beads, stuffed Monkeys from the Monkey Corner at the 2002 or 2004 Maine Quilts Show and piles of unsorted stuff.  I have three very nice Monkeys with bendable arms (and bodies) so I could do "no see, hear or speak" in the Bush Era display.  I even organized a Sock Monkey display of "dressed up Monkeys".  One I still have was in cowboy gear.  Mine was Carmen Miranda with fruit on her head.  The Monkeys refuse to fit into any of the boxes I have on hand and I want all of them in one box. Yes, there are that many Monkeys.

Still cute after all these years.  Hello Kitty and Sock Monkeys---classics.  I am imagining the Trump display I would organize if I was organizing quilt displays.  Something inflatable.

It is sunny and freezing cold today.  Big storm coming our way on Wednesday.

Today's Shopping:  None.  I picked up tea bags, yogurt, milk and a bag of Cinnamon Raisin Bagels yesterday but need to re-stock whole cloves and cayenne pepper. Found rice noodles from 2014--still good? Would be nice added to my Turmeric/Ginger Broth.

Today's Cooking:  I thawed a package of pork that I had in the freezer.  It's now in the crock pot with seasonings and a big onion.  It will become pulled pork whenever it's ready.  Another protein I am able to eat.  I really don't like meat.  Pulled pork and Chicken salad and Cheeseburgers. Oh, and crispy Bacon.  Those are my proteins.  Which is why I don't have proteins in my life very often.

Today's Packing:  The Monkeys.  But mostly I need to sort things into likely boxed companions.  So the box packing makes sense.  Already I have thread in too many different boxes.

Today's Cleaning:  I have bedsheets in the washing machine.  Fingers crossed the floor isn't flooded in water when I go in there.  I have to vacuum as I am sneezing and itchy from dust.  I had a nice shower this morning.  Drops in my eyes twice a day.  Skin irritated.  Might need to start taking Benadryl every day at breakfast.  Hello Spring.

Today's Book: Missing, Presumed by Susie Steiner.  I give it a C+ so far.  Annoying me more than getting me involved in the missing girl.  Tana French is so much better at this.  There wasn't much to choose from at the library this week.  A new person is selecting.  The old person retired and I liked her choice of books.  Might be time to complain or just order books on line.

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