Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Do You Ever Wonder

What the Republicans would have done if Obama was ever as "conflicted" by the truth as the Orange Man is?

 But when faced with the things going on--Nepotism (family members taking the places reserved for highly experienced government people who actually know how governments work)-- political mistakes of significant weight for future negotiations (not shaking hands with the German Chancellor in front of cameras and press) and now evidence that the Orange Man is still getting weekly or daily status reports on his Corporate Empire even though it is totally illegal for him to be doing so.......... (his sons (Beavus and Butthead) spilled the news to reporters--thinking it was funny) and still no impeachment.

It's like a very bad dream.  And this morning I read that a petition is being circulated in New York City to try and FORCE the First Lady to move into the White House with her supposed husband.  Not that I think she will do it.  NYC wants to stop paying for security.  Millions of $$$'s a day for security.  Not unlike the 5M a weekend to fly to Florida every weekend so the Orange Man can play golf.

I am reminded of the Orange Man screaming about Obama playing golf on his infrequent vacations.  "Why isn't he working for the country?"  "Why is he fooling around on the golf course while the country goes to hell?"   We need the news people to start playing those tapes.

I won't say more.


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