Friday, March 17, 2017

Happy St Patty's Day, Madam

Celebrate with a Bonsai dish garden?  Well, it's green.  And I love making them for customers.

Second day of master bathroom demo.  There is nothing in the room but the stacked washer/dryer. So I can do laundry over the weekend (thank you).  Found lots of mouse poop,  mouse trails in the insulation (where they traveled from their nest to the places where they pooped).  No pee.  Oddly enough.  No mice which was a very GOOD thing.

The guys helped G carry the king four poster bed into the second bedroom yesterday (where we will be for as long as it takes) and--even though I measured and thought it wouldn't fit with any space to walk --the bed fits nicely and there is plenty of room all around for all the dressers etc.  It's rather nice in there.

The transition (for me) to the hall bath is rather more difficult.  G has had (for 26 years) sole use of that vanity.  And, though I asked nicely, has not cleared any space for my stuff.  My stuff is in drawers in the office--across the hall.  Kind of NOT easy when you have two carpenters, a plumber etc wandering around---- and you have run out of toothpaste and are wearing your pajamas. A quick dash across the hall is sometimes NOT the best plan because someone might decide to use the bathroom while you were across the hall.  Just saying.........

Work tomorrow but thank goodness I am not teaching a class.  Way too distracted.

I had to "go see" several things in the new bathroom today.  Like the problems with the washer /dryer area--- needed to rebuild a dividing wall to the new code and also so the trim on the washer/dryer "room" door would have the same amount of trim space on both sides.  This made the opening to the shower a "problem" and they got to talking about "custom" doors.  I said "standard sizes" only.  No custom.

That's when J looked at me and said--slowly and with emphasis--"Everything about this bathroom is custom". OMG.  I tried SO HARD to make it all simple.  And all I did was make it all so uniquely Joanne.

Reminded me of two years ago on the day of G's heart attack when (surgery was on Friday and it was Wednesday afternoon) I asked the nurse if G could go home and come back Friday.  "Madam, your husband has had a heart attack...he is NOT going home today".  This was said slowly and with real emphasis by the Russian born nurse.  The "Madam" still ringing in my ears two years later.

Some things never change I guess.  Like me.

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What an adventure you are having!!