Monday, March 06, 2017

Spring Seeds

The kind that we start in dirt--for the garden.

The kind we start in our heart-- for the future.

The kind we start accidentally as we pass through days and days.

The days in March, so far, have been good, bad, sad, happy, exhausting and boring.  If I was ordering these kinds of days I would order "the usual".

The Pea Shoots I soaked and planted in an empty salad container are up (about 2 inches) and just about to go into leaf.  My class is on Wednesday-- so the timing is perfect.  The sprouts in the quart jar are just sending our little roots.  I have remembered to rinse them two or three times a day.  The Veggie Confetti mix of micro greens has germinated but they aren't doing much yet.

The class is about food production inside the house.  So micro greens, pea shoots and sprouts to add to winter March salads.  I also--out of just plain silliness-- have the root end of a bunch of celery growing in a short jar of water (making lovely fresh leaves) and the root end of Romaine lettuce in another short jar of water.  Nothing so far.  Old onions that sprouted in the onion basket are also enjoying water at the roots and putting out nice green shoots (to cut and use).

Who knows--this might be enough gardening/growing for someone with limited outdoor spaces.

My classes enjoyed learning about seed starting in empty recycled milk jugs.  They were all going out to find jugs at the local recycle places.  My Native Maine seeds are out on the back deck.  Freezing and thawing as the Maine weather goes from 50 degrees to minus 5.  And the Wind Chill has been fierce.  Sunday's class @ the local church was on Native Seeds-- where I had ordered mine.

We went to a Birthday Dinner with a friend and the wind cut right through our coats, scarves and sweaters.  I think the high for the day was 7.  Seven degrees.  The garage door refused to go up when I was ready to leave for work on Saturday morning.  I had to go back and wake up G to get him to push the door up.

I have the class on Wednesday at the library and then I think I will stop volunteering for things.  I should be returning to work in the next 2 weeks and I have too much left undone to get involved in anything else.  Today I am returning to the sewing room.  Hoping to get the closet empty. If I run out of energy to go up and down the stairs--I can always try and clear off the dining room table.  It is a total disaster.  You have to push things to the side just to have room to eat breakfast.

Today's Purchase:  My inhaler.  My prescription ran out and I have two puffs left.  Feeling insecure.

Today's Meals:  I have two Portobello mushrooms that need to be cooked and eaten.  Plenty of fresh salad greens.  Chicken thighs to make into soup for G.  A Cauliflower to be made into something; a creamed cheesy soup perhaps--for me.

Today's Work:  The sewing room closet.  The dining room table.  The freezer.  I think there are things in there I have forgotten about.  Things that would be good to cook.  Proteins.

Today's Serendipity:  I called my doctor to order a new prescription and asked if I had an appointment coming up.  Yes.  The 22nd of this month.  I had no idea.

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Life Scraps and Patches said...

So nice to "see" the things growing, or soon to be growing, at your house.