Friday, March 31, 2017

Growing Things In Jars

Now my way is so much simpler but on the very same theme.  I have used the cut root ends of celery and romaine lettuces.  Set the ends in shallow water in little flat canning jars (4 ounces) and kept the water changed and fresh.  I have roots on the celery end now so I added some perlite to a jam jar and now the roots are in water and the celery end is above.

These jars offered by have a mesh basket that holds the roots in water and the leafy tops above water.  I have never been a fan of colored canning jars so haven't been tempted to buy any.  I think I would have if they had clear ones.  Especially for my classes.  I have a class coming up on Gardening in Small Spaces.  A quart jar is pretty small.

Things are moving along at a pretty brisk clip today.  Guys scraping the under flooring of the hallway to prep it for laying tile.  In the bathroom some wall board is up in the shower and the shower has the floor in--and drying so they can add tile next week.  So...... actual walls in the master bath.

At one time we had about 6 guys going in and out of the house.  Riley was going nuts.  I think one of the guys had a bakery scone in his pocket and the others all had coffee.  Riley LOVES coffee.

The Tile guy gave me the name of an on-line faucet supplier and I was able to put together my list of faucets, shower heads etc and make an order--saving me over $2000 over the regular Kohler prices. there is just one thing left to purchase .....the drain assembly for the old soaking tub........and I just has one.  So, we'll use it!  G just gave me a high five for "saving money".

Hardly--I have been spending money on this remodel like a sailor on shore leave.   I even purchased two 4 by 6 hooked rugs (re-used cotton from the Garment District)--in DayGlo colors which is just the right thing to go with wood floors and black four poster bed.  My bedroom is going to look so sharp!

Why I am doing the happy dance:  Every one of the guys is gone and not coming back until Monday and we have leftover meatballs and sauce to eat for dinner tonight.

What's Happening Tonight:  Another in the long list of snow storms.  This one will lay 4 to 12 inches of new snow on the old, vintage snow that has been here since Christmas.  Never warm enough to melt it all.

What We Are Really Upset About:  The TiVo remote has stopped signaling the television for important things like on/off, volume, mute.  Unfortunately, the volume is set at a level which is too loud for most things.  So we unplug the television from the TiVo (it continues to record things) at night (only way to turn it off) but we can still watch tv and change channels and record stuff.  That's all stuff the TiVo does.  TiVo is sending a new remote. Free of charge.  But it won't get here until Wednesday.  There are things we may not watch due to the sound levels.

When you are unable to control the volume--it's surprising how much the sound annoys you!!!

What I Am Reading:  Old Bones, the second mystery from Trudy Nan Boyce.  She must have written two books and got both published within months of each other.  Love it when that happens!

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