Monday, March 27, 2017

Sometimes Simple Is The Best Choice

Keeping the blog name the same.

It's raining.  And the ground is still frozen.  So, ice.  Slick. Dangerous.

Yesterday--a full 9 hours at work with just one short chance to sit down and eat--quickly--my lunch.  Otherwise, walking the full length of the greenhouse and garden center to the cashiers--over and over and over and over picking up "re-pots" and them bringing them back to the cash counters when I'd finished them.  And watering, talking, giving advice and otherwise doing my job.  Exhausted.

It was a struggle to walk out and around the place and them up the stairs to the upper yard and my car.  The only one slower than I was--the other retired person.  A Navy veteran.  Both of us looked a bit pale.

The carpenter and the tile guy have been here this morning.  G has the washer hooked up but we may experience a sudden spill of water as the cycle goes on.  The shut off doesn't work.  Could be very exciting.

Things are moving along.  We may have a working new bathroom in a week or two.  Then we'll start on the hall bath.  And then the floors.  And then the hallways.

We are living in a strange construction zone.  It doesn't help that it's cold.  Wet. Raining.  Odd after the warmth of the greenhouse all week, the sunshine and the flowers in all their splendid colors.

I have two full days off.  Time to rest up.

Today's Chores:  Cleaning.  Vacuuming.  Laundry. (washer didn't leak so far so I am going to change the bedding and wash it)  Doesn't sound much like a "take it easy day" does it?  But I do need to give all the surfaces a spray and wipe at least.

Today's Reading:  Finished the Stargazer's sister--the last bit was truly sad--I would stop reading for the tears.  How her brother could do what he did after so many years--hard to believe.  I am now moving on to a new to me mystery writer.  Trudy Nan Boyce and "Out of the Blues".

Today's Cooking:  We ordered take out pizza and a salad for me last night.  I have a nice corned beef brisket I could be cooking--perhaps tomorrow.  Or Thursday.  I will, I think, make a nice pot of spaghetti sauce instead.  Sausage, mushroom and onion for G.  Just spaghetti for me.  With cheese and butter.

Today's Would Be Nice" To Do:  Take some frozen peaches out to thaw for a smoothie.  But it's so cold.  I wouldn't want to drink the finished smoothie.

Riley really wants a walk today--even in the cold rain.  G does not.  One is very sad and the other is not.  Acupuncture at 4pm.  Then we'll stop at the grocery to pick up any items we may need.  I wish they still rotisserie roasted chicken breasts.  A nice chicken salad would be nice to take to work--or eat for breakfast (me-never G).

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