Monday, April 11, 2016

April Showers And Pansies

The greenhouse at work is filling up with flats of pansies.  Too bad the weather won't co-operate.  Today it's cold with wind, rain, and threats of more snow. My Monday walk has been cancelled for the second week.  I am ready to start gardening but it's too cold, too wet and just downright miserable.  Of course, yesterday it was fine.  But I was AT work.  The greenhouse was nice and warm.  Ticks are already a problem here in Maine.  I worry every time I have to work outside.

Saturday I made a pot of brown rice and lentils (in the rice cooker) and then added a garnish of brown crispy fried onion rings.  Today I made a tray of croutons to add to my daily salads.  It is still too cold to really enjoy a nice crispy salad, but the croutons might help.  They smell delicious so I had better get them packed away in a jar.  No taste testing.

My hot water kettle (electric/counter top) has not been dependable the last few weeks.  Takes a bit of "tinkering" to get the little orange light to go on.  But once the light is on, the little kettle heats the water pretty darn fast.  I have returned to my habit of large (oversized) mugs of tea in the afternoon and evenings.  Last night--no matter what I tried, the little orange light would not go on.  So, no tea. Then, just before bedtime, I walked past and pushed the lever down--and orange light.  Was I annoyed?  You bet.  I haven't tried it today.  But I imagine there won't be any orange light.

It seems that the little water heater pot was purchased in 2004.  the clerk in the cooking shop where it was purchased said it had "lasted far longer than it should have".  Also, they don't make the model I have any longer.  It's very cute.  Black button on the top of it's shiny chrome body. I think Dualit moved it's manufacturing to China, pots were defective and they went out of the hot pot business but I do see the same shaped pots for sale on Amazon with terrible comments and reviews.  Some never work--not even new, out of the box.  No orange light.

Think I may read my library books.  Under my down lap throw.

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