Monday, October 26, 2015


I especially like the tiny Persian ones.  So spicy!  I don't like the ones with seeds.  Now is the time to buy--when they are fresh and firm and not old and mushy.

I have bulbs, corms and tubers to collect, dry and store today.

I feel sort of like a squirrel.  Storing things away for winter.

My friend wants to make napkins for Christmas presents so I need to try my hand at making a napkin so I can help her with hers. (any hints?)  I don't think I've ever made a napkin but I could be wrong.  I remember making placemats to go into the basket my daughter's case manager workplace made for a family. It felt good to make them plus a few potholders.

My quilt chapter made dozens and dozens of potholders for the Elk's Christmas Baskets every year. That felt good, as well.  I think the winter holidays require some heartfelt gifting.

G  is off collecting leaves across the street. He says it will take the entire day.  Tomorrow the garage door company is coming to "check and overhaul" our doors.  Winter is hard on the equipment and it's difficult having one go "off the rails" when it's 15 below zero.

I found all the supplies for the little Santa Coat ornaments I made last Christmas. I wonder what I should make this year.  Have any of you seen anything really cute on Pinterest?


Life Scraps and Patches said...

Re: those napkins. If you have a serger, dig it out and thread it up for a rolled edge.

Susan Sawatzky said...

Joanne, these are quick and easy to do and make great gifts. I made 80 of them last year for our Unitarian Thanksgiving dinner.

Susan in Port Townsend

Paula, the quilter said...

I like to use a fabric that doesn't have too much of a right or wrong side. Do a rolled edge. I usually use between 16-18" square; close to the 18" figure that I can get. I love cloth napkins!