Friday, April 03, 2015

Doing Our Taxes

Kicking and Screaming.  I always leave this to the last and then it takes all of three or four hours and I bang my forehead on the desk and yell "why did I wait?".  And here we are again.

My excuse this year is G's heart.  Not that I didn't have the time (I didn't) but that he hadn't installed the updated tax program before having the heart attack.

This is my story and I'll stick to it.

Another page in the history of our marriage.  I am forever a procrastinator.  Writing this is procrastination.  Picking dead, dry leaves off a fern, that was also.  Oddly enough, I do some things when procrastinating that would be the things not being done by others who procrastinate.  I do laundry, wash dishes, change bedding, take down and wash heavy large curtain panels, wash windows, vacuum, weed the garden etc etc.  Those things don't bother me.  I will even iron huge baskets full of shirts.  And starch them.  No problem.

Taxes?  Problem.  Paying Bills?  Problem.  Car Servicing? Problem.  Driver's License Renewal? Problem.  My own doctor's appointments?  Problem.  Appointments At the Bank?  Problem. Learning New Computer Software?  Forget about it.

And that's the post for today.  I have to stop now or lose whatever slight momentum I have to actually get the taxes done today.  OMG.


MariMo said...

OMG - taxes...... don't get me started. Happy Easter to you and G!

Life Scraps and Patches said...

Doing taxes is one of those things that takes on a life of its own.

Wanda Hanson said...

When it comes time to do our taxes each year, we have found that by doing a little each month makes the process so much easier the following year. By the time all my tax papers arrive in January, I have everything already in order and just fill in the numbers and file. Too much can go wrong if you make an honest mistake.

Wanda Hanson @ Tax Tiger