Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Wednesday And It's Snowing

I took this picture yesterday because I liked the way the light hit the plant leaves and sort of "glowed" when it reached the wall.  In winter, any "glow" is welcomed.

Today---well, there is no glow.  The snow has been coming down for a few hours now, it's light and there is no wind.  We are supposed to get 8 to 12 inches before it stops.

We bought some groceries yesterday when we were out.  I had to return my ID badge to the retail job.  It took them nearly three weeks to figure out that they had never told the seasonals to return them. G and I looked at the stuff "on sale" but decided we didn't need any of it.  The colors for Spring aren't really appealing.  I will have to stick with white.

I have only one book left in my stack of books.  A new (to me) Sanscom is arriving any day now via interlibrary loan.  Then I will have to do research to find a new batch to request.  I have a new (to me) class to work on.  Edible Landscaping.  And a diagram to work up for the Master Gardener display at the Flower Show.  Volunteers are painting 6 "four by five foot" murals for interactive art at the show. I get to paint one of the six.  On Saturday of this week.  After, I think we'll visit Trader Joe's.  Unless it's cancelled due to snow.

I vacuumed yesterday (bad for my back) and then had to climb stairs at the retail store.  Now, my hip is aching again.  It's pretty clear that the stone staircases were the cause of all my pain and suffering as I had to go up and down with all the "mandatory" breaks and lunches.  I think the treads are higher than the recommended 7 inches.  Too many stairs, too many times.

The weather has my head aching as well.  Barometric pressure.  I am going to change the bed sheets, do a load of wash and take a shower.  The hot water usually makes me feel better.  If not, a nap.

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Paula, the quilter said...

I like the Bette Davis quote: "Getting old isn't for sissies." Another thing to dislike about stair is if the tread is too narrow so your foot feels like it doesn't fit. That's how the ones at work are -- along with no backing to them. I have a hard time with them and my bifocals.