Saturday, November 03, 2012

Winter Citrus Season (A Do Over)

Is just beginning.  The tiny clementines are spicy and delicious but the red grapefruit hasn't hit the right degree of  sweet juicy-ness.  I bought a bag--hoping for that wonderful taste, but alas, not quite ready.  And so tiny.  I was going to just peel one and eat it, thinking I would get more of the juicy flesh that way.  But after getting the peel off, I slipped my peeling knife under the center edge of one segment and managed to release the juicy flesh without any pith using my finger tips.  I ate that grapefruit and decided to peel and segment a few more to have with tomorrow's lunch of yogurt.  I have a full tub of segments in the fridge.  It took about an hour.  I may go back to it and finish off the remaining two grapefruit.   I may even look for the recipe my daughter found for me for a red grapefruit cheesecake filling.

I am "one of those people" who don't mind how long a task takes or how labor intensive it is, IF the end result is something I will enjoy.  Needle turn appliqué?  Yes.  Hand mending of holes and tears? Yes.  And now segmenting grapefruit.  And not the way they do in culinary school which results in mess and a pile of juices.  My way resulted in just segments.  I had to check the clock to see how long it took. Very restful.  The mind can wander while the hands are at work.  Which is why the original Winter Citrus post was deleted and this one is being read by you.

I watched the second season of Luther on BBC America last night.  Sad that it is now over even though it was quite violent.  But I didn't delete them so can watch again (and enjoy) in the dead of winter.  The Hour returns to BBCA on G's birthday later this month.  Until then I have Elementary and Masterpiece Theater.  G has Revolution and Vegas.  I am also working my way through episodes of Big Bang the way I did through That 70's Show.  G is annoyed when I watch them.

I actually wish I could be watching West Wing from the beginning.

I have books to read (Louise Penny's Still Life) and the PD James Jane Austen mystery.  I finally got my check for the 10x10 Carrots and the name of the person who bought it.  The name sounds familiar.  Like I should know this person.  It may come to me.  While I peel the other two grapefruit?

I am at a point in life where I wish I had a "group" to be a member of.  To visit with.  Talk with on the phone (even though I hate that) and do things with.  I feel very isolated and alone.  Art Club meets next Tuesday so that will help.  I am reaching out as best I can.  Most of my personal conversations are with customers at work.  Or coworkers.  A work benefit I value.  A Lot.

I also have you to talk to, but it's a one way conversation.  Like talking to myself.  Only it's okay and I'm not actually talking out loud.  Though, while making holiday boxes yesterday at work, I was talking out loud.  To no one.  It's sad being all alone in that large greenhouse in the winter, filling boxes with balsam branches.  And starting tomorrow it will be darker down there while I am working alone.  I need to find my flashlight or the Bug Lite my friend in Florida gave me.  Or buy a head lamp.  The walk to my car is pitch black at 6 pm.

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