Thursday, November 08, 2012

Much Ado About Nothing At All

More white kitchens.  I love the idea of not having any of the "edges" to keep clean.  Just sweep it all into the sink.  And the faucet in the wall might be hard to keep clean.  Have I shown you this before???

Today, I woke to snow and wet and cold wind.  I had to be at work early to unlock the doors etc.  We broke another key in the front door lock (not me!!).  The loaders carried in four more tables for the greenhouse (to replace the open space where we held classes) and I had to "fill" them with interesting displays of plants.  Kept me busy all day.  And it rained.  Could weather be more miserable????  I tried not to complain as New Jersey and New York were getting the same.  Wicked shame!  To lose power again?  Not fair.

I never made the Alice Springs chicken.  G wanted to go out to eat tonight, so I put the chicken into freezer bags for another day and we went out to eat--and he ordered chicken.

I have tons of onions--why not make onion soup?  Ironed all G's work shirts. Was actually dressed appropriate for the weather today.  Two thermal shirts, down jacket and fleece vest.  Gloves.  Watched the John Stewart show regarding Karl Rove on a coworker's iPhone at lunch.  Very, very funny.  My neighbor flew home from Florida tonight (where she went to vote) and they still don't have a count.   Not funny.  Let's just vote to have Florida be a non-voting state.

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Unknown said...

Love the sink and faucet. I have a large single-basin sink that I love (in concept and sink-function), except it is not "under counter mounted" and has those "edges" you refer to. It also tilts ever so slightly toward the back, so there is always a little puddle that I can't seem to keep dry around the faucet. Maybe I can get Bruce to mount the faucet in the wall next time?