Wednesday, November 28, 2012

It's A Poinsettia World @ Work

I keep forgetting to take my camera to work so you can see how amazing the greenhouse looks right now.  All red, white and pink.  Loaded.  And the balsam from the wreath decorating makes everything smell like Christmas.

Not that I spent any quality time in the greenhouse today.  I played "hide&seek" doing gift shop transfers from our store to the "mother" store.  The written cues aren't all that great so it's hard to find stuff without looking at the tiny sku numbers on the price tags.  I got sidetracked looking for tiny snowmen ornaments .  But, I managed to learn how to do transfers in the computer.  I did five and on the last one--I did it without looking at my notes.  And, I managed to work calmly at the cash register through a mild "rush", while answering the phone.  It was all good.

Today is G's birthday.  We are the same age again.  He spent it:  1. having the house wired to receive power from a generator  2.  Replacing the springs in his garage door opener   3.  Cleaning the house and vacuuming  4.  Walking the dog.  When it's time to eat, we'll be going out to the restaurant of his choice.

We got a delivery of heating oil.  $370 for a really cold house.  But I think the bill is for 3 months.  And I didn't turn the heat on until near the end of October.  I decided that I don't care about the cold house (much) but I do value the hot water in my daily shower.  I have tried to decide how much each shower is worth, to me.  What would I pay for my shower each day?  Right now it's $12 per shower if I divide by 30.   $6 per shower if I figure it on a 60 day use of the oil or $4 for 90 days.

I have decided that the $11 a day I pay for Doggie Day Care for Riley is worth the price.  Not every day but the days when G and I are both working.  Three days a week.  I had been paying for DDC out of my check from work.  It was like I worked one hour (plus) to take care of Riley.  This is how I decide how far I will drive to any job I take.  I decide how much something is worth to me in time or money.  I hardly know when this happened.  When I started deciding things by how much I was willing to spend on it.

 I do know that eating out at restaurant--G's favorite thing to do--- is hardly ever worth it.  The food is never as good as the price we are asked to pay.  The service is rarely anything we should "tip" for.  The presentation of said food is okay at best and I truly hate having the main course served while we are still eating our salad or appetizer.  I think the wait person deserves a tip if everything is served in it's own time.  We aren't left feeling rushed.  Can you tell I am ambivalent about tonight's dinner out?

It's cold today.  Snowing every once in awhile.  Colder tomorrow.

I had my hair cut a little different yesterday.  Longer on top.  The same all around the sides and back. It feels and looks more different than I thought it would.  I like it.


Life Scraps and Patches said...

When I go camping at one of the national parks (no showers) we pay $6 each for a shower at a regular campground.

Unknown said...

We used to love to go out to eat. Now we do it seldom for the same reasons you mentioned. That's what happens when you are a good cook!

My MIL will go out to eat, whenever, wherever. She thinks cooking is a chore. I enjoy it, so don't prize a restaurant dinner unless it is one of the handful (Ok, maybe 3?) restaurants we know will do a good job. And one of them is "special occasion only" - very, VERY expensive.