Friday, November 23, 2012

The Day After Thanksgiving

Yesterday was non stop cooking and cleaning, in my pajamas, until just before setting the table for a later than usual dinner.  G had to drive to work to fax something and the turkey waited until he got home for it's bath and prep to go into the oven.  

The turkey @ almost 15 pounds had very little meat on it's very large and heavy bones. What there was was wonderful.  I ate the dark meat off both legs so my family could have all the white. We three had generous portions (one each) and I have almost nothing to serve tonight with the leftover sides.  I do have two wings and two thighs which I plan to crisp up in the oven and serve.  Unless G has pizza before I get home from work.

The ONLY low carb menu item that worked was the green bean casserole. My experimental cranberry sauce, stuffing and pumpkin pie were all disgusting failures and went down into the disposal.  G and S had the real, original versions.  My gravy was super delicious.

 Next year I plan to have the smallest possible "tasting" serving of the forbidden foods.  And stop trying to make subs.  I KNOW I will never be eating the way I used to--ever again.  Low carb without sugar and wheat is the way my life is going to be forever.  So I need to just stop trying to make "fake" food and learn to eat the things that are good for me.

That baked squash turns out to be VERY good for me.  Just had it for breakfast with butter and cinnamon. I finally looked up the nutritionals. Six net carbs for a big CUP of the stuff.  The oatmeal was so much higher and had too many sugars.  And only 40 calories for the cup serving of the squash.
Now, I worry I won't be able to find it the next time I go shopping.  It would make me happy to be able to eat baked squash and butter for breakfast all winter.  And I seem to have lost some flabby fat around my waist in the last few weeks.  I wore a pair of slim fitting medium LL Bean black stretchy cords last night (from the old days).  And I didn't look like I was wearing a sausage casing.

Back to work today with a packed lunch of Greek yogurt and red grapefruit sections.  I really like the taste combo of the creamy yogurt and the spicy grapefruit.  And I am getting so good (and efficient) at sectioning the grapefruit  and getting segments with absolutely no pith. Practice does make perfect in some things.

Hope the holiday was a happy one for all of you.  I still haven't had a moment to even open any of the books on my side table.  I think they will all be returned unopened, unread.  But there is always January and February.

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