Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Late To The Party-- Remember to Vote

The winter squash party.  I think this is the Kabocha squash I have been hearing so much about.  I finally bought one--no make that two-- and baked it along side the pulled pork already in the oven.  It is dense and starchy as described.  The skin is edible but probably better when steamed and not baked.  These squash are from a local farmer.  So, Maine squash.  I saved seeds.  For my 2013 garden.

Today we vote.  Please vote.  This election process, due to the Super PACS, has been relentlessly ugly, mean and tiresome.  I, for one, am sick to death of it all.  The 47% (of which I am a member since I got a tax refund last year and plan to collect and use my Medicare and Social Security benefits) need to bundle up warm, stand in the long lines devised to keep us from voting, and VOTE.

Why?  My stocks are up.  My house value is rising.  I have a job and can get another.  I am employable even at 66. No insurance company can deny me coverage.  Obama has been a good President for me. He may have even had a chance at great but the Republicans vowed to make him a one term president in 2010 and have done everything they could to obstruct any plans Obama may have had for the last two years.  I just wish the 99% had still been protesting.  I wish they had had a cohesive mission statement.  I wish they had not given up.

 The people who can't find a job need to learn better job skills, get dependable transportation to work and have stable child care options.  A good meal three times a day would also help everyone as would a good sturdy roof over their heads at night and running water.  It's what we all need.  Want.  Hard to be a good employee, husband, wife or parent when so many things so difficult.  Employers discovered they could do the same amount of work with fewer workers during the Great Recession of 2008-9.  Why hire them back? Indeed. Why.  These workers now must learn new skills in order to get new jobs.  The old jobs are gone.  Never to return. Wage earners learned to make do with less in 2008-9 and now won't go back to their free spending ways.  Indeed, why should they?

The economy, the jobs, the skills have all changed in this past four years.  What worked before, does not work now.  We all need to wake up and "smell the coffee" as Ann Landers says.  Are you better off than you were in the Bush years?  I am.

And best of all---- Pretty soon we won't be at war with anyone and our soldiers will be coming home.  War is good for Republican business.  Just ask Cheney.  I'm tired of war.

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Tracy said...

My 18 year old daughter is voting for the first time today. She's excited and a bit overwhelmed, here in CA we have 11 props to vote on and a bunch of other supervisor and gov. positions. Its hard not to influence her decisions, and I haven't asked her who or what she's voting for. I just tell her to do what she feels is right for her vision of this country.
I'm tired of being a war-faring country too.